Powerhouse 4GL Cognos support

One of the original 4GLs, Cognos Powerhouse 4GL is still used today by many businesses. Whilst originally owned by IBM, the software and associated assets were acquired by UNICOM on 31st December 2013.

It can be tricky to find cost-effective, local Powerhouse support and development resource from a reliable provider. Influential Software, an approved Unicom Powerhouse 4GL partner, is your answer.

From within Influential’s team of 60 developers, there is a selection of people with 10+ years’ commercial experience in Cognos Powerhouse 4GL, across its various platforms and utilising various databases.

At Influential, we can assist with all your Powerhouse / Axiant queries:

  • Need to get your Powerhouse system supported while you press on with a replacement?
  • Want changes made to your Powerhouse system and no resource to do it?
  • Do you require some more licences?
  • Want a maintenance contract for your Powerhouse system?
  • Performance issues that need solving?
  • Need help upgrading Powerhouse versions?
  • Need advice on how to replace your Powerhouse system?
  • Want to modernise your Powerhouse QUICK screens?

What are the products within the current suite of Cognos 4GL?

Cognos PowerHouse 4GL helps your developers build business applications that are truly easy to learn and intuitive to operate. QUICK, the interactive end-user component of Cognos PowerHouse 4GL, enables you to deploy data entry and inquiry applications to traditional character-cell terminals. QUIZ, the reporting writing component, enables you to write complex reports easily and quickly. QTP, the mass-update component, enables you to perform complex database operations with a few, simple commands.

Cognos Axiant 4GL provides developers with a visual development environment in which to build applications that can be deployed in a variety of thin-client, fat-client, mobile, standalone and server-based architectures… all from a single source program.

Cognos PowerHouse Web provides the ability to deploy Cognos PowerHouse QUICK screens for access through standard web browsers.

If you are a Cognos Powerhouse 4GL customer that needs assistance in development, maintenance, upgrades or support, please contact us