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Our growing UK-based team is composed of expert developers, project managers, support staff, QA testers, and more. Together we embody the customer-centric values that drive our technical success.

The Influential Software team represented in cartoon form

Influential plans


These are the people leading us to fresh growth, diversifying our offerings, and driving us to new heights of innovation.

John Simpson avatar

John Simpson

Chief Information Officer

Andy Richardson avatar

Andy Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Anda Biedre avatar

Anda Biedre

Financial Controller

Matt Tolliday avatar

Matt Tolliday

Chief Technology Officer

Influential messages

Sales & marketing

These are the eloquent souls whose messaging guides businesses to the products and services of their dreams.

Chris Nelson avatar

Chris Nelson

Head of Sales

Angus Kerr avatar

Angus Kerr

Account Manager

Mo Peydavos avatar

Mo Peydavos

Sales Executive

David Mann avatar

David Mann

Head of Marketing

Stephanie Allman avatar

Stephanie Allman

Marketing Executive

Influential solutions


These are the wizards who bring our solutions to life with their technical, organisational, and administrative magic.

Aleksandra Lazovska avatar

Aleksandra Lazovska

Senior Software Engineer

Richard Walls avatar

Richard Walls

Head of Support

Dominick Rankin avatar

Dominick Rankin

PHP Platform Head

Aleksandra Lazovska avatar

Magdalena Kowalczyk

People Partner

Deborah Cooley avatar

Deborah Cooley

Head of Project Management

Martin Walls avatar

Martin Walls

Support Technician

Matthew Bacon avatar

Matthew Bacon

Software Engineer

Craig Darnley avatar

Craig Darnley

Principal BI Consultant

Julian Barker avatar

Julian Barker

Client Project Manager

Samuel Stock avatar

Samuel Stock

Support Technician

Graeme Eagleton avatar

Graeme Eagleton

Support Technician

Steven Clinton avatar

Steven Clinton

Junior Software Engineer

Imesha Chelvakumar avatar

Imesha Chelvakumar

QA Analyst

Jas Singh avatar

Jas Singh

Junior Software Engineer

Stefan Sainiuc avatar

Stefan Sainiuc

SharePoint Platform Head

David Avery avatar

David Avery

Infrastructure Administrator

Calin Lupoiu avatar

Calin Lupoiu

Software Engineer

Peter Asamoah avatar

Peter Asamoah

Junior Software Engineer

Julia Maliseva avatar

Julia Maliseva

Software Engineer

Umadevi Thirugnanam avatar

Umadevi Thirugnanam

Software Engineer

Andrew Davis avatar

Andrew Davis

Senior Software Engineer

Alin Bejusca avatar

Alin Bejusca

Senior Software Engineer

Alexander Sweet avatar

Alexander Sweet

Software Engineer

Cohen Wisbey

Cohen Wisbey

Junior Software Engineer

Adam Palmer avatar

Adam Palmer

Senior Software Engineer

Vladimir Mirchevski avatar

Martin McMaster

BI Consultant

Vladimir Mirchevski avatar

Vladimir Mirchevski

Senior Software Engineer

Paul Perry avatar

Paul Perry

Senior SharePoint Developer

Chad Badem avatar

Chad Badem

Senior Software Engineer

Victoria Hadlow avatar

Victoria Hadlow

Project Administrator

Ajay Kumar avatar

Ajay Kumar

Senior SalesForce Consultant

Ross Leader avatar

Ross Leader

Client Project Manager

Des Crocker avatar

Des Crocker

Senior Data Analyst

Influential skills

Training & recruitment

These are the gurus who help businesses grow by providing the perfect mix of people and skills.

Chris Shipp avatar

Christopher Shipp

Head of Apple Training

Aaron Gordon avatar

Aaron Gordon

Apple Trainer

Stanley Ip

Stanley Ip

Apple Trainer