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Agile project delivery services

What is Agile project delivery?

Our project delivery teams implement the Agile methodology in every step of their work. But what is Agile? It’s an iterative approach, using sprints we’re able to ensure stakeholders and clients can consistently be informed throughout the development process. Team members continuously and actively engage with one another to manage dependencies and resolve obstacles.

Cost effective

Cheaper and easier than hiring a full-time team.

The full package

We supply the full team, meaning total peace of mind.


Our Agile specialists come with years of industry experience.

Better communication

Our Agile specialists come with years of industry experience.

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Implementing the Agile methodology

So how do we ensure a high quality project delivery? By using the Agile methodology we maintain a constant feedback loop, reducing wasted resources and time, and guaranteeing client satisfaction. A standard day in the project delivery team involves:

Daily stand up

We kick start each day with a progress report and allocate tasks for the day.

Iteration planning

Meetings where the team determine how much of the Team Backlog they can commit to delivering during an upcoming Iteration.

Iteration review

Each team inspects the increment at the end of every iteration to review the work before progressing it to the next stage.

Backlog refinement

 A process held near the end of one sprint to ensure the backlog is ready for the net sprint.

Iteration retrospective

Agile Team members regularly discuss the results of the Iteration, review their practices, and identify ways to improve.

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How do we approach Agile?

By taking the agile approach to all of our services, we’re able to consistently provide high value solutions to our customers. Explore how we tackle some of our leading solutions below:


Staff Augmentation

Increase your IT capabilities with our staff augmentation services. Our specialisms include development, BI, and more.

Our approach

Read more about our approach to providing trusted technology solutions from SME and large enterprises in sectors of all sizes.


Agile Software Development

No software is truly “one-size-fits-all”, which is why our dedicated teams work with you on an Agile development basis.

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