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Optimise your financial planning with Vena

Optimise your finances with the Vena FP&A platform. At Influential Software, we provide complete Vena solutions ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


  • licensing for all business sizes
  • discover insights and forecasts
  • secure and centralised cloud database
  • cut budgeting and planning by 50%

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Vena solutions

A simple answer, with advanced results


Leverage your Excel investment with Vena’s Financial Planning Platform that sits directly on top of your pre-existing database. 84% of businesses that leave Excel for the new tech end up returning to it, so why not purchase something that works alongside it?

Automate financial processes

Say goodbye to wasted man-hours spent searching through data and building reports by embracing Vena solutions.

Deliver instant insights

Boost finance’s role in driving intelligent business decisions by empowering your team with the tools for fast analysis and timely insights.

Drive strategic business

Gain a competitive edge with data-driven decision making. Vena’s advanced financial intelligence, moving beyond outdated analysis processes.

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Vena services

Make your data sing


Choose us as your Vena Partner and get the complete services wrapped in one neat package. Tap into our implementation experts skillset and watch your data start to sing.

Vena Licence Procurement/Optimisation

Looking for an upgrade but scared to step away from Excel? You’re not alone. Vena provides everything you need from the data analytics software without migrating to a brand new system. Get in touch with one of our experts today for a free licence consultancy session.

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Vena Implementation

Our Vena implementation consultants can help accelerate the entire software lifecycle with our focused enablement approach. Meaning, your finance teams can take effective ownership of their Vena solution.

Vena Support Services

Digital transformation is a modern necessity. Keep your software providing value far into the future with our IT support for Vena Solutions. Get the answers you need speedily with our tickets helpdesk.

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Vena use cases

Not just for finance


Vena can revolutionise the way your finance department works by freeing them from budget prep, planning, and reports. Vena isn’t just for your finance department, it can also work for your other teams.


Put sales resources in place and improve in-quarter forecasting by aligning objectives across the board.


Plan, execute, and monitor marketing initiatives and campaigns to ensure quality leads.


Get value-adding analysis into your business and investigate discrepancies with ease.

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Analyse, succeed, and optimise with Vena


Choosing the perfect financial software for your business can be confusing, filled with jargon and hidden costs, but you’re not alone in this.

We’re the Vena licensing and implementation partner of choice for businesses looking for quick and effective Vena Solutions.


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