Business Systems Integration

Break the barriers
to business growth

All your applications, data, and processes should work towards the same goal — business agility and growth. Based on 30 years of experience, our integration solutions provide:

  • automated processes for increased business efficiency
  • seamless experiences that appeal to today’s consumers
  • flawless implementation of modern integration technology

Digital integration solutions by Influential Software - illustration representing cloud and servers connecting to end-user devices

Expert-led enterprise integration solutions

Achieve any integration

Our longevity as a systems integration company comes from tailoring our expertise to every client — no matter the size or complexity. And our high ratio of senior integration staff means greater value for money. By choosing our business integration solutions, your business gains the following benefits:

Implement perfectly

Trust our experts to ensure your integrations perform flawlessly and cost-effectively, the first time around.

Delight customers

Streamline your services with secure connections between the back-office and customer-facing systems.

Maximise productivity

Save time and improve morale by doing away with manual data entry via flexible application and data integration.

Grow partnerships

Build and develop partnerships at the speed of digital with our agile and secure business-to-business integrations.

Plan for tomorrow

Centre your business around an integration platform that’s simple to resize and reconfigure as your enterprise evolves.

Liberate your data

Get extra value from data and applications through a transparent central hub that enables digital innovation.

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Flexible business integration solutions

Build a connected business

Hundreds of businesses rely on our business integration solutions to break down the barriers between their applications, data, and processes. As a leading systems integration company, we specialise in four key areas: iPaaS, API platforms, ETL data integration, and SAP third-party integration.

iPaaS business integration solutions

Accelerate with
cloud connectivity

A well-configured integration platform as a service (iPaaS) empowers you to quickly adopt and integrate best-of-breed software. We use our expertise with the leading iPaaS vendors — Microsoft, Boomi, and MuleSoft — to provide you with a fully tailored, high-value platform.

A few of the use cases our iPaaS software integration solutions enable are:

  • extracting added value from on-premise legacy software
  • providing the cloud-based flexibility for digital innovation
  • cutting integration development time and costs
iPaaS digital integration solutions represented by cloud connections to devices
API digital integration solutions represented by desktop with code

API business integration solutions

Unlock the value
of API platforms

We’ve all seen how smart usage of APIs drives the success of digital disruptors like Netflix and Stripe. Our API business integration solutions are designed to help you implement the ideal API platform for your business requirements.

You can rely on our API management experts to provide:

  • tailored roadmaps for API management platform adoption
  • fast and effective API platform implementation 
  • API platform risk analysis and mitigation

ETL data integration solutions

Power your business
on accurate data

Your business needs a unified view of all data and analytics — without fear of inaccurate, duplicate, or out-of-date data. Having worked with ETL enterprise integration solutions for 30 years, we have the expertise to build you a high-performing data pipeline.

Some of the ETL digital integration solutions we provide include:

  • implementing effective, secure, and compliant ETL processes
  • creating streamlined data warehouses, lakes, and hubs
  • using ETL to migrate data to cost-effective cloud data storage
  • testing data security and fixing any integration vulnerabilities
ETL digital integration solutions represented by business person with data output
SAP digital integration solutions represented by SAP logo with devices

SAP software integration solutions

Overcome your SAP
integration challenges

Because SAP is so often the core of business IT, SAP integration is a key part of our digital integration solutions. You can overcome the complexities of SAP integration with our experience as an SAP Partner and expert systems integrator.

By choosing our SAP integration team, you will benefit from:

  • the ability to extract more value from your existing SAP software
  • effective integration between back-office and sales processes
  • the skills needed to integrate SAP at the lowest development cost

Business integration solutions

Make unlimited connections

Any software, hosted anywhere, configured any way you need — we join the dots for seamless connectivity. With no barriers between legacy applications, BI , CRM, databases, HR, and more, you gain full transparency and flexibility.

SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP BusinessObjects
SAP SuccessFactors

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IBM Planning Analytics
IBM Cognos Analytics
IBM Watson

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sage200 logo

Sage 200

Digital integration legacy connectors - illustration

Legacy applications
Custom applications

Digital integration sql - illustration

Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Database

API integration


Digital integration mobile connectors - illustration

Mobile apps

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Looking for something else? This isn’t an exhaustive list of our software integration solutions.

Real-life enterprise integration solutions

Business data in action

From empowering field workers with real-time data to enabling innovative financial services, our digital integration solutions are all about results. Below are a few of the projects we’ve achieved as a systems integration company.

Illustration of a construction workers looking at architecture plans against a backdrop of a construction site.

Field engineers

Giving HQ a 360-degree view of performance and profitability by integrating a field engineer mobile application with back-office business intelligence software.

Illustration of a man holding a large credit card above his head and a large smartphone with a Bank app showing a cash receipt.

Open banking

Providing secure and reliable integration between users’ financial records and a mobile application, in accordance with FCA regulations.

Illustration of a man on a chair with a laptop and an oversized infographic chart graphic next to him.

HCM and analytics

Enabling dynamic and flexible reporting, both ad-hoc and real-time, on employee data held in human capital management software.

Programmers with laptops working on code and big data. Software development, data processing and analysis, data applications and management concept.

CRM and Finance

Automatically updating lead and account information held in a cloud CRM with data from Companies House and the Charities Commission.

Illustration of man standing with laptop on server and a database graphic next to him.

Industral IoT

Measuring efficiency by integrating real-time data from IoT-connected machines on the factory floor with the company’s business intelligence software.

Illustration of small people working in a large book working on website.

Education and CRM

Spreading trusted data across a group of colleges with integration between the company’s CRM, learning management software, and cloud ERP.

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Digital integration projects

Our integration stories

The proof of our value is the results that we hear after each digital integration project. It’s successes like these that keep clients coming back for more.

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Influential Software client Worldpay
Influential Software client The Church of England
Influential Software client BLME
Influential Software client Taylor and Francis
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Frequently asked questions

Answers from systems
integration experts

These are some of the questions we most often encounter as a systems integration company. If you have another query, or simply want to know more about our digital integration solutions, please get in touch.

What should I look for in a systems integrator company?

When looking for a systems integrator company, you should ask the following questions:

  • Skills — Have they demonstrated the skills needed to carry out complex integrations?
  • Method — Do they have a tried and tested method for delivering on time and on budget?
  • Tools — What skills do they have with the leading platforms, languages, frameworks, and applications?
  • Experience —  Have they successfully delivered integrations like the one your business requires?
  • Value — Does their pricing compare favourably with competitors’ and do they have flexible payment options?
  • Reliability — Have they been around for long enough to provide the stability you need for ongoing support?
  • Speed — Do they have enough staff to be able to start and finish your project at your desired times?

To learn more about finding the best digital integration solutions provider, see our article “How to select a systems integrator for greatest value”.

How can I connect on-premises software to the cloud?

There is a widespread need to connect on-premises software to the cloud, and our digital integration solutions frequently provide this type of hybrid connectivity. While the best technology for hybrid integration depends on your business requirements, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is often the most effective solution.

Find out more about our approach in this example of how we connected an on-premises SAP system to the cloud with Azure.

How can I be sure that my integrated data is safe?

Having worked with highly regulated industries such as banking and government, we know how to meet the most stringent data security standards. The technologies we use, such as integration platforms from Microsoft and Dell, are protected by the world’s leading cyber security experts. And we follow industry best practices, with rigorous testing, to produce highly performant and secure integrations.

Is there any limit to the software or data I can integrate?

In a word, no — from databases to spreadsheets, ancient ERP systems or cutting-edge IoT solutions, we have the skills and tools to integrate them all. 

For an idea of our more recent digital integration solutions, see these example projects:

  • Unlocking educational data with Boomi Salesforce integration
  • Using Azure Logic Apps to integrate SAP ERP with warranty claims data
  • Integrating SAP ERP with a web-based SQL Server via Azure Logic Apps