Connecting siloed systems together

Helping a global manufacturer with their siloed systems


We saved Atlas Copco over £400,000 in software vendor costs with a Microsoft Azure connection solution and unified their disparate systems together so data flowed freely between teams.

A pleasure to do business with. Thoroughly professional and experts in their field, always coming up with innovative and cost-effective solutions for our problems.”

Philip Walpole, Head of Enterprise Architecture

Executive Brief

Bridging company data and systems with a Microsoft Azure connection solution

Vacuum Technique Group, a subsidiary of global industrial conglomerate Atlas Copco, is a manufacturer of industrial-sized vacuum pumps. They needed to connect siloed areas of their business together using bespoke APIs and Microsoft Azure Logic apps. We were recommended as a Microsoft Gold Partner that could solve their issues on their Microsoft Azure project.

The Challenge

Inherited systems across the board

As a result of several acquisitions of smaller vacuums pump businesses, they had a portfolio of disparate, inherited systems housing legacy systems. Due to this, they were unable to easily access data or connect data together across the business.


They required a digital transformation and systems integration expert to implement a solution that would link the siloed data and systems. This would ensure that data would flow as intended across their business areas and departments.


They were also facing a £400,000 3-year contract with their previous software vendor and wanted to save money where possible.

The solution

Pulling everything together

At the time of the project start, they had internal projects that required connecting apps together, and to read/write data between their SAP systems. There was also a requirement to automate an outdated internal helpdesk process.


We assigned a technical architect, senior .NET engineers and an engagement manager to oversee the work that was required. We sought to provide a transparent solution, and calculate the time/cost for Atlas Copco.

The Results

Saving time, money and resources

For this Microsoft Azure project, Atlas Copco was able to save £400,000 over 3 years by investing in our work to utilize Microsoft Azure services instead of renewing their software vendor contract. Running costs are negligible meaning they save more than £100,000 a year with the integration of their pumps service management application.


In terms of measurable outcomes, they saw around 250 successful runs of the bespoke API-based solution for password reset helpdesk tickets in May 2022. Previously, each of these would’ve been a helpdesk call, requiring a Support Analyst to go through a convoluted process of manually resetting passwords for users. This is no longer the case with many hours of resource time being saved per month thanks to our modern Microsoft Azure connection solution.

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We can help you connect your business together, even if it’s made up of disparate systems or legacy software. We can connect your systems together and have data flowing through smoothly to optimise your workflow.


5th July 2022