Darfur Organization

Darfur Organization for Development and Human Resources 

About the company

Darfur Organizaion For Development & Human Resources (DOFDAHR) focuses on community development, humanitarian work, and human resource enhancement through training in areas such as peaceful coexistence, conflict management, negotiation, and peace education. Collaborating with national and international entities, it strives for sustainable development, offering activities for conflict-affected families and improving community life through various projects.


Influential offers its broad range of technology services on a pro-bono basis for small yet valuable projects for NFPs and NGOs internationally, sourcing such opportunities via Tech to the Rescue – a platform that connects technology companies like Influential to nonprofits organisations around the world.

The Challenge

Darfur Organization faced a pivotal challenge: the absence of a dedicated website. This limited their visibility, credibility, and overall engagement efforts for advancing their cause. Establishing an online presence was imperative to their mission to enhance outreach, and create more support. We recognized the significance of overcoming this challenge and strategically worked towards the implementation of a website.

The Solution

Through TechtotheRescue, the game-changer linking tech companies with nonprofits, Influential transformed DOFDAHR’s online presence! By leveraging this powerful platform, Influential created a dynamic website that propelled  their organization into the digital spotlight. Witness the impact of technology harnessed for a greater cause – transforming visions into a compelling online reality


6th March 2024