Tullis Russell Power BI Transformation

Transforming data and reporting for Tullis Russell with Power BI

Read how Influential Software transformed data access and reporting through Power BI for Tullis Russell.

Executive brief

The search for efficiency with Power BI

Tullis Russell Papermakers are a leading paper labeling manufacturer in the UK. They came to us looking for a more efficient BI platform for accessing data from their COBOL ERP system and presenting it through Power BI.

We provided a solution that included developing Power BI databases and tables, resulting in faster data access and customisable reporting.

The Challenge

Trouble accessing their existing data

The main challenge was accessing data from their COBOL ERP system and other databases for meaningful reporting.


The existing set up lacked the speed and access required for real-time insights. The need for a Power BI front-end was essential to empower users to create tailored data displays.

The Solution

A custom Power BI database

The end solution was a custom Power BI database which was designed to considate data from a variety of sources, like:

  • COBOL ERP system
  • Stock movements
  • Sales invoicing
  • Purchasing account history

This solution empowered the client to create their own data displays and visualisations, promoting self-service reporting.

The Results

Faster access to essential Power BI data

There were two key benefits of this project. Firstly, the implemented solution provided Tullis Russell Papermakers with faster and more concurrent access to critical data. The Power BI front-end enabled real-time insights and data driven decision making.
The ability to create tailored reports and visualisations allowed the client to align their data displays with different business processes. This customisation enhanced their analytical capabilities and informed strategic choices.

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14th August 2023