Software QA and Testing

Ensure minimal flaws for your solution

We offer comprehensive software QA and testing services to ensure the solution you receive from us is of the highest quality possible. You can expect the following from our QA services:

  • Thorough and extensive quality checks
  • The latest technologies and best practises followed
  • Prevent possible issues in the future

Illustration of a monitor to represent software QA and testing

Our software QA service

Ensuring a stable and trouble-free result

Software QA and testing is a crucial aspect of any project as it helps all parties establish their expectations for the delivered solution and ensures a high quality result for the client. We adhere to a strict set of QA guidelines to facilitate a consistent testing service.

Functional testing

This test is designed to ensure the solution delivered meets the standards as set out by the business requirements and/or specification criteria.

Automation testing

Automation removes the tedious parts of testing and can be executed remotely or scheduled at certain times.

Exploratory testing

Our experienced QA tester will test the solution as intended by end users or against an approved checklist. This may also involve searching for bugs and testing the software limitations.

Performance testing

Stress/Load/Endurance testing is carried out to measure the how well the system can handle increased activity over a defined period of time. This also serves to identify bottlenecks or weak areas.

We also offer additional testing on top of our core QA services to provide an extra layer of confidence for our clients.

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