Technology investment company improves ROI with SharePoint migration

Substantial SharePoint Migration ROI for Venture Capital company

Our client is a global venture capital company specialising in technological investments, inheritance tax relief, Growth EIS and Start Ups. Since their inception, they’ve worked tirelessly to ensure early stage technology companies get the financial investment they need to thrive – and for 24 years, they’ve become a trusted specialist in investments and portfolios.

Executive brief

Migrating away from outdated on-premise

The client came to us looking for help migrating SharePoint from on-premise to the cloud, as maintaining the outdated technology had become too expensive and just wasn’t working for them any more. We began work to move their entire systems over to the cloud to overhaul their content libraries, improve collaboration, and simplify document management. A new compliance management system ensured that stakeholders were kept ahead of their evolving compliance requirements.

The Challenge

Improving ROI with SharePoint Migration

Our experts looked into the on-premise system and saw there was no organisation, user segmentation, or management in place to keep it efficient and secure. The client realised they didn’t have the workforce or expertise to complete the work independently, so they needed a tried and trusted expert. Which is where we came in, helping them create a structure that facilitated the above.


Alongside this new accessible and organised SharePoint environment, the client also needed proper compliance document management to ensure they stay on track with the latest regulations without taking the focus off the business.


Accessibility of the new solution was also a priority, to ensure that all employees with all levels of technical skill could confidently use the cloud version.

The Solution

A new SharePoint in the clouds…

Once we understood the client’s requirements, we developed a new SharePoint online system that fit their needs and ultimately made content easier to find, work on, collaborate with, and simplified the whole document management and creation process.


The new compliance management system allowed for reminders whenever essential documentation needed updating or privacy regulations were changing. Meaning stakeholders could devote their time to growing the business, avoid costly fines, and stay compliant.


After a few months of using the new system, they reported better organisation, proper segmentation, user permission processes, and are now always on top of their compliance needs.

The Results

Revolutionised processes

Our client was finally able to take control of their essential documents and stay compliant with data regulations. The new cloud based solution also saved the company a large sum in monthly maintenance costs.


Our over-the-shoulder training services also helped guarantee a smooth onboarding process. Our SharePoint experts trained their staff to use and take advantage of the new cloud solution and were quick to master SharePoint features.

Ready to migrate?

Over the past yen years we’ve worked with SharePoint, we’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds clients digitally transform. Are you ready to move to the cloud?


2nd June 2023