SharePoint Policy Management System

Boosted performance thanks to SharePoint policy management

This client is global insurance provider with a long history of notable clients. Backed by one of the highest rated insurers in the Gulf region with a rating of “A” from Standard and Poor’s and “A” from A.M. Best.

Executive brief

Minimising downtime, maximising success

Our client, a global insurance provider, reached out to us looking for assistance updating their policy management system, running on an aged version of SharePoint and constructed with complex custom code.

The key requirements of the underwriting management system included management of user permissions, tracking user actions, and sharing amendments in live documents. We were able to simplify the code, modernise the UI, streamline workflows, and future-proof their solution.

The Challenge

Enhancing a defunct system

The client needed to update their policy management system with minimal downtime and limited change to the user experience. They knew their current solution could no longer be managed or supported effectively.


By keeping their current SharePoint operation, they were risking:

  • Compliance violations by using end-of-life software
  • No vendor support
  • A slower system, wasting man hours
  • Reduced data security
  • Missing out on a variety of new updates

The Solution

A polished system with enhanced UI

After meeting with them and hearing their challenge, we proposed a solution in line with their goals, and was more than capable of meeting their needs. The end solution was an improved policy management system which had the exact same features as the previous version…but better.


After removing redundant documents and code from the backend of the site, we were able to dramatically simplify the migration process. To make long-term maintenance of the software easier we decided to implement source control, upgrade the base code to C# a more widely used language.


In terms of functionality the application appeared unchanged, but the modern SharePoint UI and underlying solution was dramatically modernised compared to the original.


In short it was simplified, streamlined, and modern.

The Results

End-user and technical improvements

By the end of this project, the client saw several key benefits that affected the end-user and overall technical improvements that benefited the company, these included:


End-user improvements:

  • improved UI
  • improved performance
  • improved workflow


Technical improvements

  • Simplified code- making maintenance easier in the long-run
  • Improved custom software
  • Removed unnecessary tools that were causing huge expense
  • Source code moved to the cloud, making updates much easier

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26th January 2023