API Solution for SaaS Provider

Streamlining processes with a custom API solution for SaaS

The client is a SaaS provider with a mission to make legal expertise more accessible to the general public. With their data- powered technology platform, users can effectively manage claims at a lower cost and better business outcomes. After reaching out to Influential Software, we created an automated API solution for developmental projects. Meaning any advancements in their tech capabilities could be transferred from one solution to the next with ease.


As part of that solution, we also launched a sitemap to help the business find clarity on security and user permissions.

Executive brief

Supplying the skillset to API solution

Considering the clients business model, it was clear they already had a substantial tech skillset. But there was a deficit in this specific area, they had an in-house team capable of delivering the solution themselves, but not enough knowledge needed to architect it in the required way to achieve their goals. 


So, they reached out to us, confident we had the expertise needed to help them architect the solution and get it initially into place so that they could then build on it.  

The Solution

The API solution had three goals

By the end of the project, the client expected three key deliverables from our API solution. Here’s what we delivered: 

  • A selection of Azure environments that were connected to host API suite 
  • A fully automated deployment pipeline – allowing them to manage configurations etc 
  • Wiki/developer focused documentation – an interactive wiki that could also be updated in real time

The Results

An enhanced SharePoint information hub with more to come

The implementation of Azure environments enabled the client to get the following results:


Speed of service

Visitors to the site didn’t need to worry about downtime, they were able to find a fast and efficient solution. There was also ongoing reliability improvements which ensured the solution kept running.

Enhanced flexibility

No more dealing with clunky systems. Their new solution was completely flexible to their needs.

Disaster recovery

To further comply with their data protection needs, their new solution had an undefeatable disaster recovery system in place.

Wiki/developer focused documentation  

Developing interactive wiki allows staff and decision makers access documentation to better build upon the solution. They can easily access what’s been built, why it was build, and the benefits of the build. 

Other benefits of the new API solution include:

  • Integrated delivery pipeline 
  • versioning capabilities  
  • reliability improvements 
  • Deployment pipeline 

This allowed the client to set numerous stages in the development and testing phase to ensure the quality of your project as you progress. 

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24th October 2022