.Net application review

Fine-tuning systems for a major publisher


Influential helped a major publisher with their underperforming application using a .NET application review. Read on to find out more.

The Challenge

Application slowing critical operations


Users at the publisher had been complaining about the application’s performance for some time, blaming the issues on the app’s complex real-time calculations. However, when an upgrade caused further performance problems to appear, the quality of the application code was called into question.

The Solution

Comprehensive .NET application review


The Influential Software .NET team investigated the system behaviour and architecture, providing detailed metrics on the results of this experimentation and analysis. Covering three core areas—the application and data access layer, the database, and the third-party processes—we gave a full .Net review of the application in its context.

The Results

Transparent basis for high performance


The client received a summary of the system state and its ability to scale and handle the existing and future workload. We complemented this with proposals on how to address each of the issues and bottlenecks discovered by the team. By taking action on these proposals, the client was able to transform the application into a high-performance accelerator of business processes.

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15th May 2020
performance review, .NET, publishing, project rescue