Financial Services providers shouldn’t suffer fines for employee malpractice

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The recent ruling to fine six UK banks £2.6bn1 is arguably an unfair setback for those organisations as a whole, their bottom lines – and reputations; if the activity were unknown outside those close-knit circles of criminals.

How can companies’ boards be aware of such activity?

Awareness of misdemeanours can come through reporting analytics, using a solution such as IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, with specific solutions available to ensure compliance to specific regulation, e.g. Solvency II.

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Insurers’ bottom lines are also threatened from within by internal fraud, which has been increasing – along with the proportion committed by non-managers,2 while senior managers are responsible for fraud management programmes. Predictive Analytics technology identifies fraudulent activity within data so vast it would otherwise be impossible. To see how, click here

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1. Regulators fine global banks $4.3 billion in currency investigation, 13.11.14, Reuters
2. “Almost 78% of fraud by individuals against UK organisations is committed by employees… Internal fraud made up more than a quarter of the £1.19bn of fraud losses recorded in cases brought before UK courts in 2008 (KPMG’s annual Forensic Fraud Barometer).” Tackle internal fraud; 2009 Computer Weekly article.

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