The value of visualising big, public sector data

London happiness

Visualisation unlocks insight in otherwise impenetrable data.

How happy are different parts of London?
Portrayal of data on happiness in each of London’s boroughs

Beyond just presenting a summary of data, today’s visualisation tools allow the user to drill-down; “zoom in”, specify and refine your query. Further, modelling combines with visualisation to create “what-if” dashboards. 

Leicester crime Older people choropleth map

Crime in different areas of Leicester 2

Proportion of older citizens in and around London3

Visualisation allows your data to “speak” what it needs to tell you, but that communication can be two-way; allowing your questions the visualisation prompts to be answered. Leading analytics tools, e.g. IBM Cognos and SAP BusinessObjects supply visualisations that answer queries based on your organisation’s data on demand. These solutions can be enhanced with predictive analytics technology; IBM SPSS or SAP InfiniteInsight; which identifies patterns in large data sets and on these bases predicts trends and threats based on current and future factors.

Further breakdown of crime in Leicester and ‘Southwark Atlas of Health’4

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