IBM Watson Analytics release: The way we find answers in the future starts here

What is Watson?

Find out more about IBM Watson, its development – and how it is currently helping cancer patients.

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We don’t know exactly how the future will look, but it’s name may well be Watson.

IBM Watson – leading-edge technology that allows users to query data using natural language – is now available as a beta version, upgrading users free-of-charge to the full Enterprise version when launched next month.

From searching for information to insight on demand

IBM Watson stands to be a historic development: Today we find Google invaluable for locating words that we search for, and analytics to convert big data into single answers to a query. Adding Watson’s dimension of artificial intelligence means being able to ask a question such as “How does our customer’s average spend relate to their age”. In addition to analysing structured (e.g. customer/financial) data, Watson understands unstructured information; e.g. free text in CRM records, surveys, social media, publications, etc…

How soon could you get used to this ability?

To download your IBM Watson trial, please  click here .

IBM Watson in action: Fluid case study

IBM Watson has powerful applications for optimising profits: E-tailer Fluid Inc developed an app (“Expert Personal Shopper”) based on IBM Watson. To read the case study, please click here [PDF, 2pp].

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