Discovering the joy of real-world problems – and doughnuts

We asked Ben Miller how he had found the start of his internship at Influential

“The office is full of friendly, helpful people and has an abundance of daylight!

I heard great things about the Internship programme at Influential, long before submitting my application. I was looking for a position that would afford genuine experience of professional software development. From this perspective, it fulfils all my expectations. I’m already working on real-world problems, free from the rigidity of academia. I have joined the Java development team; they’re always focussed on best practice and I feel that I am receiving training of the highest order.

Within my year-long internship, I hope to build a knowledge of sound development practices, in conjunction with adding value to my chosen projects. However, the profusion of baked-goods that litter the office have forced me to start jogging… I hate jogging.”

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