Application integration

Modernising finance with .NET solutions

1: Disparate accounts affecting performance


Our client, a financial services company based in the UK, had several separate applications for managing, updating, and enquiring into customer accounts and transactions. These disparate applications were the cause of time and cost inefficiencies in the business.

2: Bespoke .NET application development


The Influential Software solution was a comprehensive application to streamline and integrate all of the accounts and transactions processes. Our service included end-to-end delivery capability for the new development, comprising technical design, build and implementation. A scrum master and a DevOps resource oversaw the project’s timely and on-brief completion.

3: Enterprise-wide transparency and efficiency


Our .NET solution provided a slick, engaging, modernised, dashboard-driven environment with a consistent user experience. Management, updating, and enquiry processes were accelerated, cutting costs and freeing users to create extra value for the business.


Is out-of-the-box software not flexible enough?

Our development team will provide a solution.


15th May 2020
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