SharePoint Online intranet for technology

Tech company replaces an outdated intranet with our modern document management system

Influential Software helped this company accelerate its information exchange with a custom SharePoint Online intranet for technology documents.

Businesspeople using a SharePoint Online intranet for technology documents

Executive brief

Custom cloud intranet development

Our client is a UK-based technology company that serves the public sector, including NHS Trusts. Influential Software assisted the company by delivering a bespoke SharePoint Online intranet for technology documents. The benefits of this document management system were:

faster access to information

future-proof modern platform

reduced IT maintenance

customised interface branding

Wondering how we designed a SharePoint Online intranet for this technology client? Read on to learn more.

The full story

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The challenge

Outdated intranet had become a bottleneck

Years previously, the company had invested in a SharePoint Online intranet. But as the company evolved over time the intranet became more of a business blocker than an enabler.


On top of being built in an old version of SharePoint, the intranet lacked up-to-date customisation. Furthermore the intranet was being slowed down by an excess of disorganised code. And over-restrictive permissions meant staff couldn’t access information easily.


In summary, the effects of this outdated document management solution were:


  • slowing the flow of business documents across the company
  • encouraging staff to use unofficial alternatives for document sharing
  • creating an overload of IT maintenance for the outdated system


Overall, these issues caused high IT costs, weakened security, and reduced productivity. It was clear that the company needed to refresh its document management system.

The solution

Bespoke document management system

Aware of our reputation as SharePoint specialists, the company engaged Influential Software to redevelop its intranet. The client’s overall objective was to maintain the existing functionality while improving its ease of use and performance.


We provided an end-to-end development service over a single “sprint” of two weeks. This process included:


  • setting up a new environment for the SharePoint intranet
  • developing a CSS file to customise the look and feel
  • creating the new site structure and permissions
  • providing project management to ensure smooth delivery


By using SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features whenever possible, our developers ensured speed and cost-effectiveness. Our team also shared their progress throughout the development process to gain client approval.


When the cloud intranet development was complete, we held a “show-and-tell” session with the company’s staff to encourage adoption.

The benefits

Accelerating information across the business

With a modern SharePoint Online intranet in place, the company no longer had to rely on ad-hoc ways of sharing documents. Ultimately, this helped staff communicate more quickly and provide better service to their public sector customers.


We can summarise the benefits of this document management system as follows:


  • time and cost savings thanks to the low-maintenance, high-performance intranet
  • full adoption of the intranet due to the new customisation and interface
  • improved job satisfaction among staff and accelerated customer service

Unlock your business documents

This is just one dozens of our SharePoint development successes. From small businesses to global giants, we design custom intranets for all kinds of businesses. To learn more, see our development page.


4th December 2020
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