UK Vena Partner Services to Boost Finance Agility

UK Vena Partner Services to Boost Finance Agility | Influential Software News

At Influential Software we know that real-time, accurate, and secure financial data is the keystone of agile enterprise. By becoming a UK Vena Partner, we now bring our unique mix of expertise to this modern finance solution.

Why We’re a Vena Solutions Partner

With other finance solutions in the field, it’s worth asking why we chose to partner with Vena. We’re confident that clients will find the reasons as compelling as we do.

First off, Vena takes the advantages of Excel and wraps them in an enterprise-grade solution. That means you can keep all your spreadsheets while automating processes, delivering fast insights, and producing advanced financial intelligence. Manual labour is reduced, errors mitigated, and time created for value-added analysis.

Second, Vena is a single piece of software with five talents: budgeting, planning, and forecasting, revenue performance management, reporting and data analytics, financial close management, and regulatory reporting and compliance.

In fact, we can configure Vena to automate virtually any spreadsheet-based process. That’s powerful stuff.

Value-Added Vena Partner Services

When you consider our decades of work in the Business Intelligence realm, alongside our achievements with high-profile clients such as Lloyds Banking Group and HM Treasury, it’s not hard to see the value we bring as a UK Vena Partner.

Clients can now acquire best-value licences from our Vena reseller division. Add end-to-end consultancy and technical support from our Vena services experts, and you have a highly cost-effective package for maximum ROI.

Financial Flexibility with Vena

As touched on above, Vena software has five core functions. Read an overview here or find out more on our new Vena Solutions site.

Budgeting and Forecasting: gain a single version of the truth with customisable process automation, version control, audit trails, and user permissions.

Revenue Performance Management: create an informed strategy for resource allocation with integrated finance, sales, marketing, and customer care data.

Reporting and Data Analytics: a secure, centralised database for real-time tracking, sharing, modelling, visualisations, and on-demand access for executives.

Financial Close Management: cut time spent on manual entry with a close process that’s streamlined, automated, and tracked from end to end.

Regulatory Reporting and Compliance: use real-time, consolidated data to simplify compliance processes and do away with version control woes.

It’s Never Too Early to Change

Businesses know that a fast, transparent finance department is more crucial than ever in today’s atmosphere of disruption. Discover the difference Vena will make on our dedicated site—or get in touch with our team right away.