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No software is truly "one-size-fits-all", which is why our dedicated teams work with you on an Agile development basis. We deliver bespoke software tailored to your business needs throughout your journey with us.

  • quick turnaround
  • flexible delivery
  • predictable costs
  • transparent development process

The Agile Methodology

What is Agile working?


The Agile methodology lies at the core of every project we complete. With an emphasis on iterative delivery, we respond to changes without wasting resources and time spent meandering in the wrong direction. Keeping our clients involved throughout the development process allows us to leverage feedback to improve focused user outcomes.

Iterative meetings

Our developers work collaboratively, are constantly aware of the teams activities, and create a consistent feedback loop.

Consistent quality

By creating a formal “definition of done”, we’re creating an official standard of work and setting clear expectation for our clients.

Consistent communication

We facilitate information sharing between the client and development team to facilitate effective information sharing.

Agile development benefits

What are the benefits of Agile development?


By following the Agile manifesto in all engagements, we’re ensuring a seamless and confident workflow. But there are several other important benefits which don’t just ensure efficiency and accurate project delivery.

Stakeholder engagement

We keep the key decision makers involved in every step of the process.


Our team of agile developers provide a transparent overview from start to finish – no surprises, just low costs, and quality solutions.

Fixed sprints

By introducing fixed sprints, we’re giving our team set milestones to work towards in each project.

Predictable costs

Keep costs low and optimise usage. With iterative check-ins you can get an overarching view of your project.

Agile Development Services

Our Agile capabilities


As a boutique systems integrator and software development company with nearly 30 years industry experience, we’ve had plenty of time to hone our skills in software development – specifically in the following areas.

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In need of something unique to your business? Get in touch with a member of our development team now, we’ll help you find and build the perfect solution.

Agile software development projects

Our Agile software successes


Need more proof? Here’s some of our best industry and software focused success stories.

Agile Development service provider

The Agile way of working


By taking the Agile approach to all of our services, we’re able to consistently provide high value solutions to our customers. Explore how we tackle some of our leading solutions below.


Staff augmentation

Supplement missing skills with our expert solutions. With assistance from Influential, you’ll be able to create the ideal IT team.


Dedicated Agile Teams

Expand your existing IT team with the skills of Our Agile Developers. We dedicated agile teams to help you get your project across the finish line.

Our approach

Read more about our approach to providing trusted technology solutions from SME and large enterprises in sectors of all sizes.

Choose Agile software developers today

Partner with Influential Software, the expert Agile software developer. Our team of 100 strong technicians are here to help build the perfect solution in a timely manner.

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