How IBM Cognos Analytics Can Ask “What if…?”

Posted on Tuesday 17th April 2018 2:21

IBM Cognos Analytics What If...?

Business Intelligence software is now mandatory for organisations who want to enjoy strategic and profitable growth. BI is the only way to support and sustain lean and agile operating systems. However, company growth doesn’t just come from better efficiency. Successful organisations have vision. They also have the confidence to innovate and take well thought out risks. Can business inspiration rely on having the right data analytics tools too? This article looks at how IBM Cognos Analytics What if…? queries can help.

BI And “Out Of The Box” Thinking

IBM Cognos Analytics is a great launch pad for business discussions and thinking that includes a “What if…?” Businesses that thrive on innovation are constantly looking for new product or service ideas, or a new market to go after. In that case, probably the last thing you need is an ocean of information to plough through. Or a complicated piece of software with whistles and bells.

When inspiration is one of your driving business needs, having a centralised, easy to use business dashboard helps cut through data quickly. For example, you can use IBM Cognos to design and create your own intuitive BI dashboard. Configure it to provide the sort of autonomous and simple to access analytics that is your specific “food for thought”. Be warned though, not all BI offerings have this “self-service” flexibility and versatility.

Team Inspiration And Collaboration

Inspired and inspirational companies know the importance of unlocking the creativity and motivation of their team. Some of your potentially profitable “What if…?” leads may come from anywhere in your team. They need a tool readily available to explore and share ideas. This is another reason why choosing the right BI system is crucial. For example, IBM Cognos Analytics provides quick access to information via its drag and drop dashboard, that any user on any device can easily navigate. They can hop on for either enterprise-wide reporting or to “dip in” to specific areas of interest or concern. As it is web or Cloud-based, users can then report, share and collaborate on their ideas instantly. You need never miss a good idea again!

For Data You Didn’t Know You Needed

You can hit a brick wall in your innovation. Creativity can dry up. This is another time when data analytics can become your “new best friend.” For example, IBM Cognos Analytics is particularly adept at drilling down on data and uncovering information your organisation may have previously had limited access to. In fact, you could end up with insights you didn’t even realise you needed!

Having access to these previously hidden depths and angles can make a big difference in well informed and confident decisions. And for answering the question “What if….?”

IBM Cognos Analytics What if…? – where to find out more

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