Application development

Streamlining file upload and storage

1: Insecure manual upload


A leading global provider of services in debt collection, confidential credit control, and tracing was looking for improvements to their system for UK client file uploads.


With no dedicated applications in place, clients were required to send spreadsheets, documents, or images regarding outstanding debt as emails or third-party file transfer platforms.


This created a problem of low security for sensitive information and made collaboration or transfer of files between departments and teams difficult and disorganised. All of this had the effect of hampering productivity and performance.

2: Custom PHP development


The Influential Software team designed and built a bespoke web-based application, accessible to any internal team, that allowed clients to upload files directly to the company’s storage. Our developers ensured security through rigorous penetration testing and a role-based system that only permitted client users to view their own files.

3: Collaboration and compliance


Our web-based application provided easy and flexible accessibility for both clients and internal teams, with security risks brought down to a minimum.


The company was satisfied with both the solution and our team’s seamless build and deployment. Based on the success of this project, extra administrative features are being discussed for future development.


Are manual processes affecting your productivity?

Our development team will provide a solution.


15th May 2020
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