A graphic showing a pixelated hand holding lightbulb representing bi solutions, one of the reasons to use Power BI

6 reasons to use Power BI for your business

Power BI allows users to see detailed reports on clients, inventory, sales and more. It enables employees to make confident decisions and save time on business intelligence, while keeping data secure. Read on for six more reasons to use Power BI.

1. Embed everywhere

Power BI lets users embed BI reports into internal web portals with ease. These portals can be cloud-based or hosted on-premise. The embedded reports are easy to create and can be easily accessed with row-level security. After your Power BI gateway setup is complete, you can safely connect on-premise data to the cloud.

2. Drag-and-drop functionality

One of the key reasons to use Power BI is the drag-and-drop report building feature. Part of the visual planning suite, this feature makes your Power BI report development much easier. With Power BI, you can produce stunning reports displaying data like purchasing history, YoY sales, and inventory. But thanks to the row-level security, users can only alter data admins have given them permission to edit.

3. Ease of use

Another advantage of Power BI is the simple and easy to use interface. One of the main reasons to use Power BI is the lack of coding experience needed. It has built-in intelligence which suggests the best elements for your reports.

The interface also makes it easy to connect to data sources. Upon selecting the data source, you use a drag-and-drop method to set up your report. For more advanced data analysis techniques, your team will benefit from one of our Power BI classroom or online courses.

4. Data governance and security

Power BI lets you manage your security settings and users within the same interface. There’s no need for external tools to support data compliance and regulatory standards. Power BI also has the security of Azure Active Directory (AAD) built in.

Alongside the standard security options, we offer a range of trusted Power BI data security services. From proactive threat monitoring to continued security reviews, we’ll help you access all the security advantages of Power BI.

5. Wide integration

Given how fast technology is developing, Microsoft has taken care to ensure its BI software plays well with others. For example, the product has responded to market needs by expanding its compatibility to all kinds of Microsoft and third-party software. This means that the app will continue to be a leading business tool far into the future. So if you’re looking for a reason to use Power BI, longevity is a great one.

If you’re looking for digital integration experts, we can help. Our consultants have 30 years of hands-on experience and offer only the best Power BI integration services.

6.Rapid insights

With automatic data refresh, it’s easy to access up-to-date insights in Power BI. And you can format your dashboards for different groups of users, so they can see what they need to know at a glance. This means each team can instantly know what aspects of your business require attention.

Trust the industry experts with Power BI

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