Benefits of Microsoft Azure API Management

Benefits of using Microsoft Azure API Management

We’ve all seen how companies like Netflix and Stripe have benefited from API-led integration. APIs are the tool that enterprises use to enable digital interaction with their customers, employees, and partners. But manually ensuring the security and performance of hundreds of APIs is a time-consuming task. That’s why API management platforms are such a vital asset for all industries in today’s economy.

Microsoft Azure is our software of choice when it comes to helping our clients with their API management needs. That’s why we’ve decided to list some of the benefits we’ve found with the system for you.

Competitively priced API management

Like most Microsoft Azure services, this system is charged based on consumption and is, therefore, the perfect option for mid-level or enterprise businesses that are likely to evolve over the following months and years.

Depending on which Azure API management package you opt for, the price per hour varies from just £0.05 an hour (personal) to £2.86 an hour (premium).

If you need clarity about the likely cost of Azure API management for your business, we have a team of digital integration experts who will do the maths for you.

Save time through centralised access

Before software like Microsoft Azure API Management hit the market, developers would have to manually check through thousands of APIs to monitor their progress and ensure each one was performing at best capacity. Microsoft Azure API Management automates and facilitates the design, deployment, and maintenance of your APIs in one place, saving precious developer time.

Increased API security 

Microsoft Azure API Management has a range of security options that add an extra barrier around your sensitive data. These methods include authorisation keys, back-end API security, client certificates, and APIM to back-end API Mutual certification.

Optimising APIs with full visibility

For larger businesses, the process of manually checking in on APIs is very time-consuming. Thankfully, Azure API Management provides a single gateway for all API monitoring activities. Developers can check in on the progress of their APIs and view automatic reports to help ensure everything is optimised correctly. If there is an issue with an API, it can easily be fixed at an early stage and prevent a “domino effect” with other APIs later on.

Empower third parties with your APIs for free

Microsoft Azure API Management developer portal provides an easy way for third-party developers to understand your APIs and try them out before usage. With either a managed or a self-hosted version of the portal, you have plenty of options to customise and extend the functionality. And the best part? The portal is free to use and automatically generated.

So why use Microsoft Azure API Management?

APIs are about bringing applications together seamlessly, and Azure API Management platform makes that process fast, cost-effective, and secure. Having the ability to manage and control the entire API ecosystem through one “gateway” is essential for an enterprise to succeed and work effectively. 

The Azure API Management platform empowers developers to monitor the performance of APIs quickly and make simple tweaks early on. The software also adds an added level of security for businesses looking to protect valuable data.

Overall, effective API management is a vital part of a modern digital integration strategy. And a platform like Microsoft Azure API Management accelerates and secures the entire API lifecycle, so your business can thrive in the API-led marketplace.

Benefit from Azure expertise

Is your business in need of the benefits that Azure API Management brings? As a Microsoft Partner with decades of integration experience, we’re eager to empower your business.