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How Boomi AI Is Changing The Game

Since March 2020, business leaders have been pushing for digital transformation in almost every industry. In just a few short years we’ve seen decades worth of progress be delivered.

This progression is showing no signs of stopping; 2022 was the year of the metaverse, and 2023 is the year of artificial intelligence. SaaS companies focused on both businesses and consumers have been launching their own tools powered by AI with the intention of letting users focus on tasks which truly matter; creation and innovation.

With that in mind, it’s of no surprise that Boomi, a BI and automation leader, has launched their own generative AI tool to connect and integration applications, data, process, people, and more.

But why is Boomi AI causing such ripples?

“The introduction of Boomi AI marks yet another milestone in our long history of pioneering innovation in the integration industry,” said Ed Macosky, Chief Product Officer at Boomi. “We pioneered the first low-code, cloud-native integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to disrupt the middleware market 20+ years ago. Then, over a decade ago, Boomi pioneered AI-assisted development with the launch of Boomi Suggest, which further disrupted the market. Now, we are taking our intelligent integration and automation platform to the next level by making it AI-first – enabling AI to responsibly build and complete integrations, and transform automation for our customers.”

Design connections

With the help of Boomi AI, you can design unique integration processes, application programming interfaces, and data models complete with best practices gathered from millions of success stories.

Optimise your operations

With Boomi AI’s automated insights, users have the ability to solve complicated issues, facilitate predictive maintenance, automate updates, and more.

Orchestrate new experiences

Boomi AI can interpret intent behind desired business outcomes and organise processes across several applications. Enhancing decision-making, removing mundane tasks, and improving employee engagement while providing audit history and prompts to help confirm intent so that decisions and outcomes are always explainable, encouraging synergy between IT and employee.

Modernise and thrive with Boomi AI

Organisations need to adopt more powerful tools in order to not just survive…but thrive. AI presents a new era of opportunity for all businesses looking to improve strategy management and plan for success.

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