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Evergreen IT Strategy

Many organisations believe that evergreen IT strategies hold the answer for reducing resources, energy, and IT expenditure. The ability to expand existing software to ensure it’s always up to date provides a flexible, cost-effective solution for businesses constantly concerned about compliance.

What is evergreen IT?

An evergreen IT strategy means implementing software that is regularly refreshed with small iterative updates at frequent intervals. Unlike normal software solutions which have been traditionally updated regularly. Microsoft 365 offers organisations this flexibility and allows future planning for your IT systems and software.

Simplify IT budgeting

Organisations no longer have to budget for the huge capital expense of purchasing a new software every three to five years, including buying new hardware and perhaps engaging external consultants to supports the large IT migration project. With Microsoft 365, you’ll know transparent costs and timelines for the solutions you need, well in advance of general release.

Extend the life of IT Hardware

Traditionally, organisations used to replace desktop computers and laptops as they upgraded the software, wrapping everything together in one project with a big budget.


Now organisations are more likely to wait until the hardware needs replacing, extending the usable full lifecycle of computers hardware and improving the return on investment in laptops and PCs.


Accelerate software updates

If you have just migrated from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or are planning this migration right now, you will already know how much time and effort goes into a traditional operating system upgrade.


It is not unusual for upgrades in large organisations to take 18-24 months. The evergreen approach with Microsoft 365 ensures a seamless approach to software upgrades, by introducing smaller changes that can be implemented more quickly.


Enhance your evergreen IT strategy with Microsoft 365

As evergreen IT services become more and more popular the scale of impact tech is causing has become increasingly more important.

The suite of productivity apps is similar to the traditional Microsoft tools we all know, but the modernised versions allow:

  • Access anywhere
  • Centralised storage
  • Real time collaboration
  • Easy onboarding process

So why wait? Cut your budget and skyrocket staff satisfaction.

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