Illustration of a laptop with customer support help icons appearing from the screen to represent customer portal features

Key features of a modern customer portal

A customer portal gives organisations a professionally branded web presence and gives users the ability to choose how they want to interact with a company. It serves as a single point of access for customers to view information and documents relevant to them.

In addition, customer portals are intended to be accessible any all times, across any device. Interestingly, around 90% of customers visiting a website expect a system where they can log into an account, view their personal details, track a transaction, and even resolve issues without contacting a company representative.

Importantly, customer portals can ensure staff that interact with clients can do so in an easy-to-use platform where pertinent information can be easily referenced. We take a look at the key customer portal features below.


Integrating with an ERP or CRM system to automate information transfer between systems in real time. This will ensure up-to-date information across systems for the client and company staff. Modern automation options built into a client portal ensures users get the right information quickly and easily.


With sensitive data involving personal details, financial information and more, a client portal must be totally secure. Naturally, any potential data breach or information loss owing to an insecure platform will have serious ramifications for the company.


Customer portals are intended to be available for use at all times, which means many rely on cloud technologies for stability. As portals provide an information hub, issue resolution and various client tools, it’s important to have these services available to users whenever and wherever they need it.


Finally, by inserting additional functionality to boost productivity, portals can empower users to collaborate and centralise information across teams and between different parties.

Customer portal experts

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