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Improve productivity with Microsoft Teams custom apps

Microsoft Teams features a library of useful apps by Microsoft and other external services. Teams custom apps such as chatbots, message extensions, and tabs are just a few of the helpful add-ons that users can now take advantage of. Microsoft allows for these apps to work natively across Outlook and Microsoft 365 for seamless features across different products. A personal app will enable usage for one-to-one communication, while a shared app allows several users to share app space to collaborate.

Creating a custom app built specifically for your network and department’s needs will bring greater benefits for Teams users. These are a few reasons why you should consider building a Microsoft Teams custom app.


As mentioned above, your custom Teams app can extend to Outlook and Microsoft 365 from a single codebase. Cross-platform functionality ensures a smooth user experience without having to leave the context of their current process to use the custom app.

Merged business processes

Custom apps can be made according to your teams’ needs and business requirements. Additional functionality such as working on project timelines, submitting help desk requests, and sharing CRM data will massively improve productivity in Teams, Outlook, and MS365 apps.

Chatbot helpers

Creating a personal conversational bot allows for easy tasks set up between the bot and the user. Bots can automate and simplify processes with simple instruction and a flowchart of actions. A perfect example of this would be in IT and HR departments.

Connected systems

Custom apps allow Teams apps to connect together information and data from other systems, letting users discuss and take additional actions. Without having to switch between apps and systems, teams can get the right information from other sources and share directly within Teams.

Social interactions

As a social interaction platform, a custom app that enhances collaboration and communication can greatly extend Teams features. Therefore, apps can be created to enhance sharing capabilities, connect calendars, send polls, and more.

Want to enhance your Microsoft Teams solution?

With Microsoft Teams at the heart of our communication across departments, our teams communicate and collaborate effectively. If you’re looking to connect your Microsoft ecosystem with Teams, get in touch with our experts today.