Influential NewDay .net development open banking solution wins quality award - illustrated by golden piggy bank

.NET open banking solution wins quality award

Once again, the Influential Software development team has been awarded for its outstanding work. The latest accolade is for the .NET team’s new open banking solutions for financial services company New Day.

Top-quality open banking solutions

The client granted the Influential Software team their Quality Champions award for the sprint with the fewest defects and the highest code quality.

What’s more, New Day’s third-party testers seconded that opinion. As Finnovation Labs’ CEO Mark Murphy commented, “We tested our iOS app with Influential Software’s Open Banking solution and were impressed with the implementation accuracy as well as the effort taken to give developer-friendly responses. It was one of the most efficient testing experiences we’ve had.”

“It was one of the most efficient testing experiences we’ve had.”
—Mark Murphy, CEO Finnovation Labs

Giving the speed to compete

Besides quality, the other success factor for this open banking platform was speed. It was critical for the developers to finish the project ahead of the Payment Services Directive 2 legislation that came into effect in September 2019. Our team carried out development and compliance testing ahead of schedule. In this way, the solution was pre-prepared to meet all Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards.

A cutting-edge banking platform

The open banking platform is only one aspect of the digital transformation at New Day. Influential Software’s consultants have also assisted with a microservice-based architecture utilising the latest advances in Microsoft’s Serverless Azure architecture. This forms the foundation for the open banking API platform as well.

The result is a secure platform for surfacing customer account data and performing payments. In line with the open banking paradigm, users are treated to a transparent and integrated banking experience. The rising popularity of open banking has shown just how important these qualities are for today’s customers.

Add strings to your .NET bow

For the .NET team, this open banking platform sits alongside recent projects such as Umbraco CMS development, oil rig safety dashboards, loan management portals, and a software asset management solution.

So if your organisation needs bespoke, high-quality, and efficiently delivered software, our .NET team is ready to assist.