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The new remote Jamf 370 course has arrived

The new Jamf 370 course is officially here. Benefits from comprehensive training targeting Apple-specific security and practices that leverage Jamf software to manage macOS endpoint protection through identification and mitigation strategies.

The new course provides everything you need to know about advanced configuration, security technologies, data protection, threat monitoring, and security vulnerability.

Learn core ADM skills from the comfort of your sofa or home office, and all our Jamf training courses are virtual learning only.

Keen to learn more about the new Jamf 370 course? Take a look at the course details below, and if you have any questions, ask!

Boost your Apple Device Management security skills

Jamf 370 offers Apple admins and security team members a comprehensive course targeting Apple-specific security and practices that leverage Jamf software in their Apple endpoint protection. The course begins by learning about the Mac security platform:

  • The basic capabilities of macOS
  • How apps and data are inherently protected
  • App and data flow functionality
  • Limitations of native security processes

The course builds upon the  core understanding of Jamf Pro and Jamf Protect and an enterprise-focused examination of the macOS platform security. The course itself sits in between the Jamf 300 and Jamf 400 training courses, to help bridge the gap between beginner and expertise training.

What are the benefits of Jamf 370?

The new course features hands-on, scenario and example-based learning, which uses your existing Jamf Pro knowledge. Jamf 370 is the best way for you and your team to learn to deploy securely, manage, update and protect Macs from malicious threats and cyber attacks.

Course topics:

  • macOS app and data protection
  • Jamf Pro security settings and advanced configuration
  • Security models, benchmarks, and a baseline to guard against attacker methodologies
  • Jamf Protect configuration and deployment
  • Threat monitoring and prevention
  • Security vulnerability remediation tactics and workflows

Building on your knowledge from the previous course, we’ll delve deeper into the universe of macOS security with advanced techniques to further safeguard your business data.

Training is essential for any team or employee’s growth, but the Jamf 370 course is essential if you want optimal use of Jamf Pro or Jamf Protect. 

The other benefits of Jamf 370 training include:

  • hands-on training and support
  • example-based learning
  • core knowledge needed for the Jamf environment
  • less time troubleshooting = boosted productivity
  • become a pro from home with remote training

Who should sign up? 

Jamf 370 is perfect for trainees who have completed previous Jamf courses and are looking to take their knowledge to the next level. All Jamf courses are developed for Mac admins, Jamf users, and IT Pros who want to beef up their Apple Enterprise Management skills.

Why choose Influential? 

As the UK’s only Jamf training provider, we’re proud to provide classroom and remote training courses for all knowledge levels. By using real-life challenges and scenarios, we turn Apple EMM training into a hands-on experience. After each Jamf Pro course, you’ll walk away with an improved macOS, iOS, and tvOS management skill set ready for your next challenge.

Ready for the next challenge?

As the UK’s only official Jamf training provider, we’re here to help you get the best from your training. Whatever your needs or goals.