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New SAP Leonardo Website

Posted on Monday 10th December 2018 3:56

SAP Leonardo Website - Influential Software

Digital transformation is about using technologies to connect employees, things, finances, data, and customers into an agile whole. SAP is enabling this change by bringing the key technologies into one platform, SAP Leonardo. As an SAP Gold Partner with decades of experience in these tools, Influential Software is in an ideal position to provide SAP Leonardo services. Now we’re promoting these services via our new SAP Leonardo website.

Your Digital Consultants

SAP Leonardo is a box of flexible of tools. Like any tool, these technologies have the best effect in the hands of an expert. To help clients make the most of SAP Leonardo, our team can identify, select, customise, and implement the options that best suit their goals.

Digital transformation is an ongoing process, attempting to keep innovation and customer-centric practices at the heart of business. For that reason, many businesses are not aware of their true digital potential. Influential Software’s consultants work with stakeholders to pinpoint the areas that are ripe for change, before guiding the business through the process itself.

Typical outcomes of our SAP Leonardo consultancy include increased customer satisfaction, optimised production, reduced wastage, higher process efficiency, boosted revenue, and access to new markets.

Machine Learning Solutions

SAP Leonardo platform supports machine learning tools for a host of revolutionary uses.

Use algorithms to design more effective processes, automate customer interactions, streamline payments, accelerate services, predict trends, and analyse marketing campaigns.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain solutions offer a breakthrough in the speed and security of multi-party processes.

Prevent illegality, track goods and processes, automate actions based on your criteria, meet reporting requirements easily, and share documents in safety.

SAP Leonardo platform offers two blockchain technologies, SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain and SAP HANA Blockchain Service.

Internet of Things Connections

The SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge is a system connecting products, assets, fleets, infrastructure, markets, and people.

With applications from power grids to agriculture, or from driver safety to engine design, IoT is quickly showing its value for UK businesses.

Advanced and Insightful Analytics

SAP Leonardo’s analytics solutions combine machine learning with predictive technology.

By understanding data on a deep, real-time basis, businesses can foresee the trends to come. This allows you to boost returns in marketing, sales, and production.

Big Data Services

Turning large volumes of data into actionable intelligence is a cornerstone of agile enterprise.

SAP Leonardo big data tools underpin your efforts in data-driven marketing, customer analysis, machine learning, and business analytics.

Data Intelligence Tools

Data is one of your most valuable commodities.

SAP Leonardo data intelligence can help you convert data into revenue with a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) stream, embed it into your processes, turn it into insights that drive performance, or use it to create innovative new products.

When Technology Meets Technique

SAP Leonardo brings the technology. Influential Software brings the technique. Put the two together and you have a recipe for digital success.

If you’re interested in finding out more, why not visit our dedicated site?



New Cognos Analytics Website

Posted on Monday 3rd December 2018 12:26

Influential Software is thrilled to announce our new Cognos Analytics website, the latest achievement in our long-standing partnership with IBM Cognos. From consultation to development, licence sales to configuration, and deployment to upgrades, our services work to maximise your returns from the new Cognos Analytics 11.1.

Cognos Analytics website - Influential Software news

Why Cognos Analytics?

Our Cognos Analytics website promotes the next-generation features that have made the Cognos name. The latest release, Cognos Analytics 11.1, make a host of improvements with AI-assisted analytics. With the help of AI, your users can uncover, present, and share insights faster than ever before. That means a more agile enterprise, able to move from granular detail to game-changing decisions at the touch of a button.


Cognos Analytics Consulting

Having worked with Cognos solutions for over 25 years, Influential Software is the longest-standing Cognos consultancy in the UK.

Benefit from our free initial consultation service to gain a taste of what we can achieve together.

Thereafter, our expert consultants lead clients through a best-practice approach that includes current state analysis, infrastructure review, analytics roadmaps, project management, and ongoing assessment.

Most importantly, we always keep your value in sight. Our services will not be beaten on speed, price, or returns.


Cognos Analytics Upgrades

As a Cognos Partner with experience going back two decades, we are the ideal choice for clients wishing to upgrade earlier Cognos Analytics releases.

Our services ensure minimal downtime, data security, and a rapid move to the new Cognos release.


Cognos Analytics Licences

Find the most competitive prices on Cognos Analytics licences from Influential Software.

Our consultants are on hand to advise on the ideal configuration for your size, structure, and goals.

Many of our clients gain maximum value by combining Cognos Analytics licences into a cost-effective package with consulting and support services.


Cognos Analytics Cloud

Cognos Analytics on Cloud is an excellent option for businesses wanting full functionality without straining their IT resources.

Our technicians are on hand to plan cloud migrations, provide cloud licences, and advise on the best setup for all kinds of businesses.


Looking for Cognos Insights?

If you’d like to find out more about our Cognos Analytics services, feel free to visit our dedicated site.


New MuleSoft Training Website Launched

Alongside our successful MuleSoft services, Influential Software is excited to announce a new MuleSoft training website. Clients can now draw on our MuleSoft Partner expertise to train in development, operations, integration, architecture, management, and administration. This training is an excellent investment for anyone wanting to tap into the growing demand for MuleSoft projects.

MuleSoft Training website - title image


Why MuleSoft Training?

MuleSoft’s ongoing innovations – including in Anypoint Platform October 2018 – show that they are still leading the pack for integration and APIs. And MuleSoft Summit London 2018 was the largest MuleSoft event ever, with 2,500 people in attendance. All in all, the buzz for MuleSoft is only getting louder. With official MuleSoft training, our clients can bring the magic of MuleSoft to their own enterprises and carry out transformative projects for others.


Influential Software MuleSoft Services

All our MuleSoft training is based on our team’s real-life experience of MuleSoft projects.

We provide MuleSoft consulting, deployment, development, support, and recruitment services for clients across the UK.

Interested in our MuleSoft services? Visit our dedicated site to find out more.


A MuleSoft Training Website for All

Our MuleSoft training website is designed to cater for all paths, formats, and goals.

Choose from paths for six MuleSoft roles: developers, operations, systems integration partners, architects, managers, and admins.

Find classes for all levels, from beginners’ introductions to development for complex projects.

Gain official MuleSoft certifications to attract clients and showcase your expertise.

Take instructor-led MuleSoft classes at six London locations, at a location of your choice, or online.

Buy a MuleSoft training subscription that entitles you to unlimited classes for one year.


Choose Your MuleSoft Training Path

MuleSoft Training for Developers: gain the skills for unit testing, deploying, monitoring, or troubleshooting integrations or APIs.

MuleSoft Training for IT Operations: learn to deploy, manage, do capacity planning, monitor, and troubleshoot integrations or APIs.

MuleSoft Training for Systems Integration: gain the skills for basic and complex projects with Anypoint Platform.

MuleSoft Training for Architects: train to design enterprise integration solutions, direct the emergence of an application network, and drive adoption of integration solutions.

MuleSoft Training for Managers: gain an overview of Anypoint Platform and how to succeed with an API-led strategy.

MuleSoft Training for Admins: learn to manage deployments, APIs, and implementations.


Ready for MuleSoft Training?

If you’re eager to learn more about our modules and certifications, feel free to visit our dedicated MuleSoft training website.


A Look at the New AI Capabilities in Power BI

Posted on Tuesday 27th November 2018 10:20

Power BI - New AI AI Capabilities

New AI Capabilities for Power BI make AI Accessible for Everyone

Hot on the heels of the recent Power BI service and mobile update in Q3 this year, the Microsite team has rolled out new AI capabilities in Power BI.

Power BI makes it possible for all your employees to make better decisions based on data with beautiful reports and dashboards. And having worked with Microsoft for over two decades – and with Microsoft Power BI since its launch – the Influential Software team is always keen to share the latest features. This time, Microsoft has made a great leap forward with new AI capabilities in Power BI.

But first, why do we need AI in Power BI?

Microsoft AI for Enhancing Business Data

With the massive volumes of data generated today about every aspect of a business, finding insights from the data can be challenging. This is where AI can help. AI can aid in data exploration, comb through the data to automatically find patterns, help users understand what the data means, and predict future outcomes to help business drive results.

There are huge opportunities when workers across an organisation can leverage AI for improving business outcomes. But data scientists, who are crucial to deploying AI solutions, don’t have the bandwidth to provide custom solutions to all users at an organisation. Businesses need ways to surface the valuable work of data scientists and empower more users to leverage AI in easy and intuitive ways.

Power BI has been a pioneer in applying AI through capabilities such as natural language, which enables users to get answers by asking questions in plain English, or Quick Insights, which automatically finds patterns in data.

Microsoft is taking a major step forward in bringing AI to business intelligence and announcing several new AI capabilities in Power BI.

  • users can now get capabilities such as image recognition and text analytics directly in Power BI
  • key driver analysis helps users understand what influences key business metrics
  • users can create machine learning models directly in Power BI using automated machine learning
  • users now have seamless integration of Azure Machine Learning within Power BI

All these new AI capabilities in Power BI – pioneered in Azure – require no code. This enables all Power BI users to discover hidden, actionable insights in their data and drive better business outcomes with easy-to-use AI.

Curious about what we can achieve for your business with Power BI?

Azure Cognitive Services Arrive in Power BI

Azure Cognitive Services are sophisticated pre-trained machine learning models that can extract insights from data. Microsoft is bringing Azure Cognitive Service capabilities into Power BI to provide powerful ways to extract information from a variety of sources like documents, images, and social media feeds. These algorithms can identify named entities such as organisations, people, and locations. They can recognise objects in images, detect language, identify key phrases, and determine positive or negative sentiment.

Imagine you’re a business analyst for a hotel chain and want to evaluate what guests are saying in their online reviews. With Azure Cognitive Services in Power BI, you can easily analyse thousands of online reviews, understand what your guests are happy or unhappy about, and pinpoint areas of improvement.

Power BI AI Features

Power BI’s New Key Driver Analysis Feature

Every organisation has metrics or key performance indicators that measure business success. How do businesses determine what impacts those KPIs? What causes these KPIs to go up, down, or stay the same? The most obvious business drivers are typically easy to spot, but it doesn’t take long before things get complex. What drives business outcomes is often subtle and depends on any combination of circumstances.

Key driver analysis helps you understand what drives an outcome. It reasons over your data, ranks those things that matter, and surfaces those key drivers. For example, consider a student’s plans to attend college as a KPI. There are different factors that impact whether kids plan to enroll in college. Key driver analysis automatically surfaces those things that matter the most. Below, you see that parental encouragement has significant positive impact on a student’s plans.

Power BI's new key driver analysis feature

Machine Learning Models: Build Your Own in Power BI

In Power BI, business analysts will now be able to build their own machine learning models without writing a single line of code. Microsoft is using the automated machine learning feature in Azure Machine Learning, but instead of targeting developers or data scientists, we’ve simplified it and made it broadly accessible for common use cases. This means that when an analyst builds a machine learning model in Power BI, it does all the heavy lifting by selecting the best algorithm and features with just a few clicks.

As an example, a business analyst could leverage the automated machine learning technology to quickly and easily build a model to predict how likely an open sales opportunity is to be won. This could help a sales manager prioritise which high value opportunities to focus on and how likely they are to meet their target.

Power BI has new machine learning models features

Use Power BI to Integrate Your Azure Machine Learning Models

Advanced machine learning requires specialised data science tools. Azure Machine Learning is a platform where data scientists develop machine learning models to take on complex business challenges. Azure ML models built by data scientists can now be easily shared with business analysts. Power BI works behind the scenes to discover the models to which each user has access and automatically creates a point and click user interface to invoke them. This makes collaboration among business analysts and data scientists easier and faster than ever before.

Your Turn to Leverage the AI Capabilities in Power BI

Turn the complexities of business data to your advantage with your strategic BI partner – Influential Software.

Whether you are looking at Power BI On-Premise or Power BI Cloud solutions the experienced Influential team offer complete Power BI Support and Services.

Businesses across the UK, of all sectors and sizes, have benefited from our technical expertise and business experience.

Leverage Power BI, one of the technologies that are already creating massive value for early adopters.


This news has been adapted from online content by our partner, Microsoft.


How Will the IBM and Red Hat Deal Affect Cloud Computing?

Posted on Monday 29th October 2018 3:03

IBM to buy Red Hat - IBM logo plus Red Hat logo - IBM Partners Influential Software look at the effects of the deal, and possible changes to the world of cloud computing

The cloud computing world has been rocked by news of the $34-billion IBM and Red Hat deal. As an IBM Partner, Influential Software is at the forefront of helping IBM customers through this rapidly changing environment. The question on everyone’s lips is, what does the biggest open-source deal ever mean for the future of cloud computing?

Within that question are several key points:

Will Red Hat remain open source?
What extra value does the IBM and Red Hat deal create for each company?
Are cloud customers going to benefit?

Will Red Hat Remain Open Source?

The answer to the first question is, definitively, “Yes.”

“With this acquisition, IBM will remain committed to Red Hat’s open governance, open source contributions, participation in the open source community and development model, and fostering its widespread developer ecosystem, said Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, in an IBM press release. “In addition, IBM and Red Hat will remain committed to the continued freedom of open source, via such efforts as Patent Promise, GPL Cooperation Commitment, the Open Invention Network and the LOT Network.”

What Extra Value Does the IBM and Red Hat Deal Create for Each Company?

The second question is more complicated. Of course, we wouldn’t expect IBM to spend $34 billion on a deal that isn’t attractive to customers and beneficial for their business. The new synergy created by the IBM and Red Hat deal aims to combine the strengths of both companies.

On the Red Hat side, President and CEO Jim Whitehurst said, “Joining forces with IBM will provide us with a greater level of scale, resources and capabilities to accelerate the impact of open source as the basis for digital transformation and bring Red Hat to an even wider audience – all while preserving our unique culture and unwavering commitment to open source innovation.”

Meanwhile Rometty stated the IBM position as, “The acquisition of Red Hat is a game-changer. It changes everything about the cloud market. IBM will become the world’s #1 hybrid cloud provider, offering companies the only open cloud solution that will unlock the full value of the cloud for their businesses.”

Are Cloud Customers Going to Benefit?

According to .NET Team Lead Matt Tolliday of Influential Software, the IBM and Red Hat deal has promising implications for SMEs. “The potential for an open source cloud at IBM is very interesting. It could enable far more interest among smaller businesses. Until now, many have been put off by the larger cost of cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS),” said Tolliday.

IBM has emphasised that the open source cloud will create greater mobility between cloud environments, as well as stronger security. All in all, this is encouraging news for businesses that were eager to enter the cloud but felt held back due to the proprietary cloud market.

Any questions about our IBM or cloud services? Our experts are waiting to help.