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New SAP Cloud Platform Services Unveiled

Posted on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 2:45

New SAP Cloud Platform Services Unveiled | Influential News

Maintaining its innovative position in the software world, SAP has announced a raft of new cloud services and solutions this May. From SAP Cloud Platform services for unstructured content to fresh solutions for data and machine learning, this means greater flexibility in SAP’s business technology platforms.

SAP Cloud Platform Document Management

SAP and OpenText have announced plans to extend SAP Cloud Platform with enterprise-scale document management as a service. Integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and other intelligent enterprise applications is expected soon. These services will help customers improve the flow of all types of information, collaborate along the entire business process, meet compliance requirements, and increase productivity.

SAP Leonardo Updates

SAP plans to add real-time intelligence and insight into business processes by embedding further updates of SAP Leonardo technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented analytics.

SAP Data Intelligence Launch

Planned for launch in June, SAP Data Intelligence is designed as the first enterprise solution with an end-to-end lifecycle for data and machine learning. The solution offers users more control of their data, models, and deployments. It also allows them to combine SAP Data Hub solution with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation in one integrated cloud offering. In this way users can connect, discover, and orchestrate SAP HANA and third-party data sources for automated data cleansing.

SAP Leonardo AWS Cooperation

Users can now use AWS IoT Core as the connectivity and device management layer for IoT telemetry data that is relayed to SAP Leonardo IoT. SAP Leonardo IoT Edge also gives customers the option to extend support for their business processes locally on top of AWS IoT Greengrass. There will be a reduction in latency and optimisation of bandwidth and connectivity with essential business functions from SAP Leonardo IoT Edge, such as field service management, planned to run within the AWS IoT Greengrass Edge environment by late 2019.

SAP Analytics Cloud Collaborative Planning

Updates for SAP Analytics Cloud provide new “visual formulas” that let anyone create planning scenarios and simulate models using domain language. This makes advanced collaborative enterprise planning accessible for all. Customers and partners can now build, embed, and extend their own analytical applications for data analysis, planning, and prediction with a dedicated software development kit (SDK).

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Ready for Blockchain World Conference London?

Posted on Monday 20th May 2019 3:48

Blockchain technology is making waves in London on May 21-22 as part of the Fintech World Forum 2019. With blockchain becoming increasingly vital to industries as diverse as banking and pharmaceuticals, the event couldn’t be more timely. That demand is also why software leaders such as SAP are using innovative methods to make blockchain more accessible. So what does SAP’s blockchain-as-a-service model have to offer at Blockchain World Conference London 2019?

Integrated Blockchain Platform

SAP’s blockchain-as-a-service offering is one element of SAP Leonardo. This ready-to-use blockchain technology lives in the cloud, accessible to anyone with a subscription.

By integrating blockchain with SAP Leonardo’s artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) services, the platform provides users with tools to streamline supply chains like never before. The AI automates procedures, allowing blockchain to propagate smart contract orders and pay for goods on the basis of IoT data.

Expanding Use Cases

Blockchain has already shown its worth in more effective tracking of assets, fewer supply chain errors, and pre-emptive identification of fraud and theft. These benefits are not restricted to any one industry or sector. Almost anything of value – including land titles, loans, intellectual property, trades, votes, and identities – can be made more efficient and secure with SAP Leonardo blockchain services.

Alignment and Implementation

But as with any technology, organisations won’t see the benefit without properly aligning their people and processes. An experienced SAP Partner will consult stakeholders, analyse processes, create prototypes, run pilots, and carry out ongoing optimisation to ensure performance. As an SAP Partner with 25 years of hands-on experience, Influential Software has the technical talent to carry blockchain projects from conception to completion.

SAP Leonardo Blockchain Services

SAP Leonardo’s blockchain capabilities are based in two locations, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA. While SAP Cloud Platform uses a cloud-based interface to get users up and running quickly, SAP HANA allows for advanced analysis and development within a hybrid deployment model.

If you’re looking to accelerate your blockchain journey, why not explore our SAP Leonardo services?

SAP Ranks High for Natural Language Query Analytics

Posted on Friday 10th May 2019 1:24

Natural language query analytics are a key innovation in SAP’s next-generation offering, SAP Analytics Cloud.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your organisation – regardless of their training – could benefit from analytics insights? That’s the aim of natural language query analytics. By processing questions stated in everyday language, NLQ provides quick answers to all kinds of users.

NLQ capabilities are a key innovation in SAP’s next-generation offering, SAP Analytics Cloud. As a Forrester report confirmed last year, SAP Analytics Cloud is a strong performer in the NLQ analytics space. The only organisation of its size to perform so well on NLQ functionality, this SAP software also has an encouraging roadmap in place.

Just as they would use a search engine, SAP Analytics Cloud users can ask about any aspect of the business and then drill down into specific regions, time periods, and more. They then receive answers in language that everyone can understand.

The Business Benefits of NLQ Tech

The benefits of SAP’s natural language query analytics are clear. SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to deploy analytics to a wider user base. This reduces your reliance on niche talent such as data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists, thus saving your organisation time and money.

And this isn’t the only innovation in SAP Analytics Cloud. The NLQ capabilities work alongside machine learning technology to empower all users with business simulations. With no need for a data science degree, users can see how changes within the business will affect business outcomes in future.

Is SAP Analytics Cloud Right for You?

All of this sounds very desirable – who doesn’t want insightful answers to simple questions? But of course there’s no single solution for every business. As the name suggests, SAP Analytics Cloud is not available on-premises. The software also offers less scope for customisation than some competitors.

That’s why an experienced SAP Partner is a vital ally in deciding whether SAP Analytics Cloud suits your organisation. With one of the most experienced analytics teams in the UK, Influential Software will clarify the business factors and technical specs you need to know. And if the solution is right for you, we guarantee the best deals on SAP Analytics Cloud licences and supporting services.


Influential Software Retains SAP Partner Centre of Expertise Status

Posted on Friday 5th April 2019 3:49

Influential Software Retains SAP Partner Centre of Expertise Status

The Influential Software team is proud to announce our continued status as an SAP Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE). Taken every two years, this test demonstrates the unrivalled quality of our SAP services once again. That’s good news for clients across the UK who rely on our SAP support.

Top-Drawer SAP Support

The SAP PCoE is only attained after stringent tests. So why is it worth the trouble?

The certification shows we have the processes, the infrastructure, and the people in place to provide first-class support. Our clients can rest assured that their software is maintained by SAP experts, in line with well-defined targets. That peace of mind is well worth the effort.

Passing the PCoE is also essential for retaining our SAP Value-Added Reseller (VAR) status. That allows our customers to benefit from significant discounts on SAP licences.

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Our SAP PCoE Standards

With changing requirements every two years, the PCoE audit ensures we’re up to date with the latest support standards. SAP’s experts examined us in three key areas: processes, infrastructure, and people.

• Support Processes

In compliance with SAP’s guidelines, Influential Software follows well-documented processes to provide the smoothest service. From support on-boarding to incident handling, from escalation through to licence auditing, our processes are 100 percent SAP-approved.

• Support Infrastructure

SAP examined the tools, applications, and systems our teams use for efficient operations. These include our incident management system, our test systems, our remote connectivity tools, and our customer information database. With these checks in place, our clients know they can have incidents resolved within agreed time frames, alongside effective communication with our support staff.

• Support People

And of course SAP requires us to have staff with the necessary certifications for each product we sell and support. After 25 years of expertise in Business Intelligence, the Influential Software team is constantly maintaining and updating these valuable skills.

Our UK Support Record

From full-time support for one of the world’s leading publishers to system support and hosting for the meat supplier of London’s Smithfield Market, our team has an established customer base covering all business sizes and industries.

With flexible payment options and bespoke service agreements, Influential Software makes SAP support tailored and affordable.

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Highlights and New Clients in Q1, 2019

Posted on Thursday 4th April 2019 1:58

Influential new clients in Q1, 2019

Keeping up the impressive performance in 2018, the Influential Software team continued to service a wide range of UK businesses this quarter. Our new clients in Q1, 2019 included construction, local government, digital services, manufacturing, and a major police force.

We’ve also worked to diversify and expand our services, staying at the cutting edge of digital solutions from business intelligence to software development, integration to training, and recruitment to website development.

So without further ado, let’s look at Influential Software’s highlights from Q1, 2019.

Selected New Clients in Q1, 2019:

  • Bloor Homes
  • Gate Group
  • Derbyshire Constabulary
  • Servelec
  • Test Valley Borough Council
  • Turbine Surface Technologies
  • William Cook

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Bloor Homes Logo | Influential Software Document Management Services

Client: Bloor Homes

Sector: Residential

Bloor Homes is one of the UK’s largest family-run housebuilders, with a history of 50 years. From construction to architecture, craftsmanship to design, Bloor Homes provides high-quality new builds with all details in place.

The client benefitted from Influential Software’s document management expertise, which enabled the company to accelerate business processes and satisfy customers better than ever before.

HULFT logo Influential Software

Partner News in Q1, 2019: HULFT Expands EU Services

After partnering with us in Q3 2018, HULFT announced plans to expand in Europe. With our integration expertise and HULFT’s data logistics platform, this plan is on track to succeed.

Gate Group logo | Influential Software IT Recruitment Services

Client: Gate Group

Sector: Aviation

Gate Group is a global leader in airline catering, retail, equipment, and hospitality. The group serves 700 million passengers annually across 60 countries.

The client sought out Influential Software for skilled staff to support the group’s technical operations. Our recruitment team at Influential People and 365 Recruitment supplied the specialist talent they required.

Derbyshire Constabulary logo | Influential Software BI Services

Client: Derbyshire Constabulary

Sector: Policing

Derbyshire Constabulary is the territorial police force for around 1 million people. The force covers an area in the East Midlands of over 1,000 square miles.

The client drew on Influential Software’s decades of business intelligence experience, ensuring the force operates at maximum efficiency to better serve residents in Derbyshire.

Servelec logo | Influential Software BI Training Services

Client: Servelec

Sector: Technology

Servelec is a technology company active in the healthcare, social care, and education sectors. The company offers an integrated digital approach to these sectors with the aim of improving access to information and boosting efficiency.

Servelec engaged Influential Software based on our reputation for high-quality, results-oriented BI training. With those digital skills, the Servelec team has gained a more competitive edge among its public sector clients.

Test Valley Borough Council logo | Influential Software BI Services

Client: Test Valley Borough Council

Sector: Local government

Test Valley Borough Council is responsible for the Test Valley area of Hampshire. The borough has been ranked as one of the best rural areas to live in the UK, based on overall standard of living.

The client turned to Influential Software for help optimising its BI systems and upskilling council staff. This is part of the council’s ongoing effort to streamline processes and allocate resources to maximum effect.

Influential Software Microsoft Azure Services

Website News: Microsoft Azure Services Promoted

Following on from successful Azure projects, Influential Software decided to advertise these services through a dedicated Azure website. Potential clients can now find a comprehensive partner for Azure development, deployment, migration, integration, hosting, security, and support.

Turbine Surface Technologies logo | Influential Software Document Management Services

Client: Turbine Surface Technologies

Sector: Manufacturing

Turbine Surface Technologies, a joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Chromalloy, is a manufacturing company that provides specialist coating solutions for turbine components.

The client contacted Influential Software on the basis of our document management expertise. With the right solution in place, the client gained a more collaborative and efficient IT system.

Dell Boomi | Influential Software Boomi Integration Partner

Event News: Influential Software at Boomi World London 2019

Our team joined the integration elite at the London leg of Dell Boomi’s 2019 World Tour. As always, we picked up the latest iPaaS innovations to pass on value to our UK customers.

William Cook logo | Influential Software Legacy Systems Specialists

Client: William Cook

Sector: Manufacturing

William Cook is the UK’s largest manufacturer of steel casings. Based in Sheffield since 1883, the company specialises in supplying the defence, rail, and industrial sectors.

The client was attracted to Influential Software’ strong record with the manufacturing sector. Having supported UK business for 25 years, our team is familiar with both cutting edge systems and the legacy systems that many established companies still use.

Bright Horizons for Q2, 2019

It’s clear from these stories that Influential Software has enabled transformative change across business sizes and sectors this quarter. And whatever next, we know there are many influential clients to come.

But for now, here’s the good news: unlocking your digital potential is simple. It all starts with a message to one of our experts.