Screenshots of Revise IT app updated with 10.15 ACSP exam questions

Revise IT app updated with 10.15 ACSP exam questions

Amsys Training by Influential has rereleased the Revise IT app with newly updated 10.15 ACSP exam questions.

The Revise IT app was instantly popular on its first release. Giving ACSP exam-takers a way to track their performance with realistic exam questions and answers, the app was the ideal complement to our macOS Support Essentials course.

But lack of attention over the years had left the app with an outdated user interface. The 2020 rerelease solves these issues and brings the app up to date with the latest ACSP exam content.

Great app! ★★★★★
This app is extremely useful in preparing for your certification exam. Use this app along with the support essentials book to give you the best chance at passing the test. This helped me pass the test on my first attempt!
– Gknight99

Revise IT: Available from the App Store

Prepare anywhere with the new Revise IT app

Studying for the ACSP exam means a lot of memorisation. It simply isn’t practical to carry the Support Essentials book around, however, and pdfs aren’t easy to navigate. The Revise IT app solves this dilemma, allowing you to practice over 1,500 ACSP exam questions wherever you are.

While of course, the app is no substitute for official Apple training, it is useful for refreshing your knowledge. The primary reason for that is to prepare for the ACSP exam, but it isn’t the only one. Many people use Revise IT to sharpen their skills before an Apple interview or to help them succeed at their existing Apple role.

ACSP exam questions and more

The new Revise IT app has been updated with the latest ACSP exam content, for macOS 10.15. And our trainers’ commitment to the app means it will also be updated with any new macOS content in future.

The full list of OS covered in the app includes:

  • macOS SE 10.15
  • macOS SE 10.14
  • macOS SE 10.13
  • macOS SE 10.12
  • OS X SE 10.10 & 10.11
  • OS X Server Essentials 10.10
  • MIB 10.13
  • MMB 10.10

Study or test? You decide

The new Revise IT app works in two distinct modes: study and test. With these modes, you can focus on the questions you want to revise and then test yourself in exam-like conditions.

For those about to take the ACSP exam, Test Mode is the ideal way to check your readiness. In this mode, you will have two and a half hours to answer a random selection of questions, drawn from a bank of over 1,500. At the end of the test, you will see your test result immediately. This includes statistics on which questions you answered correctly and which ones you should revise again. That way, you have all the tools you need to maximise your performance in the real exam.

Global app appeal

Apple devices are popular worldwide, and so is our private Apple training. Therefore it’s logical that the Revise IT app is also in demand around the world.

According to the latest data, over half of the app’s users are based in the USA, while only 15 percent are based in the UK. The remainder are mostly spread around other European countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and Belgium.

Are you keen to pass your ACSP exam first time?

Give yourself the best chance with the UK’s no.1 macOS Support Essentials course and the Revise IT app.