SAP BI 4.3 migration

As we await the next iteration of SAP BusinessObjects BI, we have a look at the reasons for migrating to the latest SAP BusinessObjects 4.3. Despite having a minor version number increment increase, this is without a doubt a major release of SAP BI. With a hybrid architecture, with a focus on cloud computing, SAP BI 4.3 offers a great solution for adopting Cloud technology for both new and existing users.

Analytics Hub

In the Central Management Console (CMC), SAP BI 4.3 shows a new button called Analytics Hub, which makes a local platform be configured to communicate with this meta-layer cloud-based device to serve content. The hub allows for corporate content in on-prem and cloud modules to be managed directly.

BI launch pad

The BI launch pad is now mandatory in version 4.3. Users will find a modernised aesthetic with easier navigation, SAP have also added scheduling to more destinations.

WebI data models

A new data modelling concept designed to get the cloud from local data and local front-end apps too.


The front-end has been revamped, in HTML5, to provide a range of improvements to efficiency and functionality from any device. A fully responsive interface means an easier-to-use platform for those on mobile devices.

As digital innovation is crucial for modern businesses looking to succeed with SAP BOBJ BI. We’ve only covered a few of the new features, you can read more over on SAP.