Benefits of Agile Software Development

Benefits of Agile Software Development

Agile methodology is the modern approach to software development that encourages businesses to get an immediate return on investment.

The iterative approach keeps communication between client and developer open – meaning the project can be handled quickly and efficiently, in a way that allows the product to launch sooner and be updated with regular patches.

Launches quicker

By using the agile methodology you can release the project in waves via “patches” and “bug updates”.

Other development methods like waterfall, only allow the product to be released when done.

An immediate ROI

Software development updates will be more frequent, leading to a quicker return on your investment, both financial and social.

Small margin of error

Small goals mean smaller margin for error. We hold bi-weekly meetings with all our developers and clients to ensure we’re on track with our goals and up to date with the clients expectations. If the client wants to make changes, then the impact will be small and subsequently easier to fix.

Optimised efficiency

Regular meetings allow us to see what worked well and what didn’t…influencing the later stages of the project.

Frequent communication

Regular communication in the form of our bi-weekly meetings allows developers to test each stage of the product and change it to fit your evolving requirements. Meaning your end solution will be entirely bespoke and significantly more efficient than the initial brief.

Better quality product

Regular communication allows for developers to test each part of the product and change it to fit the new brief quickly. Meaning the end product will likely be more efficient than the initial brief expected.

Superior project planning

Project managers and clients get the full overview of the development process in small chunks, rather than digesting the end product and a sizable workload summary.

Client satisfaction

Regardless of the project, client satisfaction is our highest priority. Taking the agile approach to software development means our clients feel more involved with the actual project and happy with their contribution to the end solution.

Thinking of the agile approach?

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