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From on-prem to the cloud, why migrating makes sense

With 94% of businesses already using cloud computing to some degree, the global market is forecast to grow to £440 billion in 2023 – it’s clear cloud computing is an integral part of business in today’s climate 

Although, many companies are still reluctant to fully migrate to the cloud. If you’re one of them, don’t worry – we’ve compiled some evidence to show why migrating to the cloud just makes sense. 

On-premise servers are going extinct

In an increasingly online world, flexible working arrangements are quickly becoming the norm. 

Your employees are looking to work from anywhere, on any device, and still be able to access core information and data the way they would in the office.
With that in mind, on-premise software can limit a business’s performance. 

The cost of maintenance for on-premise and off-site backups is also substantial. If you’re in a highly regulated industry like finance or healthcare, changes in government policy might mean another cash injection to keep servers secure. 

Cloud computing is the future

Cloud Computing gives your team the flexibility to work anywhere and everywhere with complete peace of mind. 

Over the past few years, we’ve watched business interest in cloud migration skyrocket and help companies of all sizes and sectors introduce a business solution fit their needs. 

Whether you want to cut costs, improve efficiency, or ensure continuity of security, the benefits of migrating to the cloud will vary depending on your business model. 

Cut expenses

Once you’ve started investing in buying and looking after on-prem servers, the task of migrating away from them gets increasingly complex and problematic. 

One of the most significant benefits of cloud migration is the flexible expenses, giving your business the power to be agile. 

Scalability and flexibility

Cloud hosting providers offer flexible pricing plans depending on a business’s needs. You can start small when you have a head count and only a few clients and scale up your storage to fit new requirements. 

Considering the comparative cost of buying and managing new servers to manage this transition, there are significant benefits of migrating from servers to the cloud for finance and expedience. 

Peace of mind

Gain complete peace of mind with superior cloud security. Despite the traditional belief that more access means an increased security risk, the host handles all security updates, meaning you’ll never have to worry about compromised data again. 

Better time management

After stepping away from on-prem, your team will save time typically spent on mundane and irrelevant tasks. Let your team innovate and organise their time by moving online. 


Is it time for you to migrate to the cloud?

We think so. Make the move to the cloud today. Get in touch to establish the perfect moving plan for your business.