Why your business needs an evergreen it strategy

Why your business needs an evergreen IT strategy

Evergreen IT strategies are rapidly becoming the best approach for businesses. The idea involves making minor, iterative updates to the organisation’s IT landscape (including software, operating systems, desktop hardware, products, applications, and server infrastructure) on an ongoing basis rather than undertaking a massive migration project.  

When planning your own Evergreen IT strategy, a whole spectrum of priorities is needed. Depending on which sector your organisation operates in, digital transformation’s current stage and end goals may vary.  

For most businesses, the main priority is the people using the tech. Will your team be able to communicate, collaborate, meet, learn and share effectively?  

If your business is considering implementing an evergreen IT strategy, then you’ll likely be aware of Microsoft 365 and its mobility, reliability, and security capabilities.  

Overcoming management challenges with Microsoft 365

As the world of work moves closer to the cloud, businesses are looking for ways to make their operations more efficient and secure. As the most popular enterprise cloud solution on the market, Microsoft 365 provides your organisation with access to a suite of productivity tools.  

Microsoft 365 is deployed as an “evergreen” IT solution, which automatically updates all your components without any human input from the team.   

However, moving to and managing Microsoft 365 is a process that requires insight and leadership from across your organisation. Adopting new tech should never be a one-off exercise and ensuring the total value your business envisages needs continuing review and action.  

Let’s look at some of the most significant challenges stakeholders can face in their migration to an evergreen strategy – and how we can help:  

Complexity and uncertainty in Microsoft 365 adoption and management  

Moving to a cloud-first IT model can, of course, be a complex undertaking. Moving data off-premises, rolling out a cloud platform and introducing effectively new ways of working can be overwhelming even in smaller, more agile organisations.   

Our digital migration experts can help you migrate, troubleshoot, optimise, and prove your tech ROI. We’ll provide you with a dedicated service owner who’ll spend time getting to know your business, needs, and goals to deliver a quality of service explicitly tailored to you.  

Modernising outdated processes and culture

More often than not, when projects fail, it’s because the staff haven’t been placed at the heart of the project roadmap or goals., While teams delivering the change have understood the endpoint, users haven’t been adequately involved in the process.  

Microsoft 365 is an integral part of improving your employee experience using tech. With our help, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition, keep on top of operational tasks, and ultimately ensure smooth adoption. 

Mature, change-ready Microsoft 365 evergreen services

Mature management if Microsoft 365 allows your business to benefit from an environment of constant change and evolution.  

Many organisations face an immediate and ongoing issue. The volume and pace of change in Microsoft 365 can be hard to keep. Being able to prioritise the most significant changes to your business is often the best approach – but even monitoring the pipeline can be the best approach.  

Over the past 30 years, we’ve helped clients set up and manage various systems and software; we’re continually listening to their needs, learning, and delivering unique innovations on cutting-edge tech.  


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