A graphic showing work passing through multiple people's desktops. Representing team augmentation solutions

What is Staff Augmentation?

What is staff augmentation?

An in-house team with supplemented skills from external technicians. The set up allows business to maintain complete control and visibility while adding the key skills and knowledge needed to make rapid progress.

An outsourced IT team should feel like an extension of your business. But that is rarely the case – in some instances outsourcing can end up delaying the work it was intended to speed up.

Which is why more companies are turning their backs to traditional outsourcing and look to staff augmentation as their next solution.

What are the benefits of staff augmentation?

Compared to traditional outsourcing, staff augmentation provides peace of mind for delivery teams, but also a dramatic improvement in “time to market”.

Depending on the business need, there’s a variety of reasons why team augmentation might be their ideal solution.

Reduced costs

Staff augmentation is much cheaper compared to hiring full time technicians. By working with augmented teams, you’re avoiding costly onboarding processes, wasted time, and the need to hire a full-time tech.


Augmented teams allow complete flexibility with your team size and skillset. Shifting full time staff can take longer than the project itself. So why not implement augmented team members at the click of your fingers?

Improved output

Staff augmentation allows the business to hand pick the best resources to contribute to the project, which can dramatically increase the quality of work.


By keeping the development in-house, communication with the business will be streamlined and transparent.

Flexible resources, quality outcomes

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