Optimising Boomi SuccessFactors integration, represented by SuccessFactors logo on jigsaw puzzle.

Optimising your Boomi SuccessFactors integration

Having collaborated for over a decade, Boomi and SuccessFactors are practically made for each other. The developer of Boomi’s SuccessFactors connector, Dave Hock, spent eight years at SuccessFactors before moving to Boomi. So it’s no exaggeration to say that Boomi’s speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness with SuccessFactors are unmatched.

However, there are some key precepts to follow if you want to make sure that the low cost of ownership materialises for your business. As a leading Boomi Advanced Implementation Partner, we want to share these insights from our Boomi SuccessFactors integration projects.

1. Train your Boomi developers

Even experienced developers will benefit from learning how to make the most of Boomi’s special features. Conversely, a lack of training will drive up the cost of ownership across complex SuccessFactors integrations. The power and flexibility of Boomi can be used poorly, mitigating the benefits you would normally experience. Getting each member of your team trained up as a Boomi Professional Developer will pay off with better Boomi SuccessFactors integration results.

2. Govern Boomi effectively

Effective governance is essential to ensuring reliability and keeping Boomi’s cost of ownership low. As Boomi consultants, we will walk you through these processes to ensure everything is crystal clear. The major factors for keeping maintenance effort to a minimum are as follows:

  • keeping integration flows clean, and avoiding over-complicated “spaghetti” processes
  • planning processes and sub-processes to be intuitive and well-organised
  • labelling the steps of processes clearly to describe their function
  • placing comprehensive descriptions at the top of each process

Our Boomi experts are on-hand to assist with each of these points, as well as providing technical expertise as needed.

3. Build it the Boomi way

Boomi is designed to be low-code, with custom scripting there as an option to augment existing processes. Problems typically arise when inexperienced Boomi consultants start adding extensive scripting to Boomi projects. It’s much faster and more maintainable to learn “the Boomi way” and stick to that as much as possible. Boomi provides a graphical, easy-to-learn process that doesn’t require deep knowledge of any programming language.

Plan to succeed with Boomi and SuccessFactors

In case any doubt remains, let’s run through the core features of Boomi SuccessFactors integration:

  • cloud-native architecture
  • a fast and powerful connector SDK
  • easy-to-use, built-in version controlSuccessFactors API connector for Boomi
  • intelligent integration suggestions based on 30 terabytes of anonymous metadata
  • a huge selection of product-specific connectors for ERP, CRM, payroll, benefits, and more
  • a single development environment across integration, data management, and workflow automation

The benefit is fast and intuitive integration of SuccessFactors with any new cloud, legacy on-premises, or partner-run applications.

Does your organisation need the benefits of fast and simple integration?

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