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How we can support your business continuity during COVID-19

At this difficult time, all of us at Influential Software want to say that our customers are really important to us. It may sound like a cliche, but it’s true. And we need to work together to maintain business continuity during COVID-19 — for the good of our organisations and to support the economy at large.

That’s why we want to tell you about the support we are providing throughout the crisis and beyond, as its effects continue into the future.

Digital change is faster than ever

For all of us, it will be our ability to adapt and transform that determines how we emerge from this. Most organisations are implementing new processes and technologies to empower a remote workforce and maintain business continuity. And all of this requires staff to learn new skills — which can be the most challenging part.

Our customers may know us as a support partner, as software developers, as a hosting partner, as a systems integration partner, as a provider of IT contractors, or as an IT training provider. Putting all of these skills together, we see ourselves as a one-stop-shop for ensuring your IT systems can maintain business continuity during COVID-19.

Assistance and guidance for critical IT

With remote working now the norm, many organisations are grappling with technical and skills-based changes. Our infrastructure team can provide expert assistance to guide and support you with the move to home-working — whether with setting up remote access, configuring and supporting Microsoft Teams (or other remote working software), or anything else.

We can do this because our team of 80 have worked with hundreds of organisations like yours, offering an extremely wide range of support services. And we have always had staff working from home, so we are experts in helping other organisations make that transition.

If you want guidance, we can provide that. If you want help with technology, we can do that. If you need expert troubleshooters to help your home-workers, we can do that.

Your success is our success

Your ongoing business success is vital. So if you need help with any aspect of your business during the coming weeks and months, contact us. And we really do wish you and yours the best of health at this time.