Boomi Azure integration - the top 5 benefits

Top 5 reasons for Dell Boomi Azure integration

Advantages in cost, productivity, and security make Microsoft Azure the cloud of choice for both large enterprises and midsize businesses. When adopting or migrating to Azure, you want to experience those benefits from day one.

That’s why your procedure for integrating Azure with pre-existing systems should be planned well in advance. Of course, you could take the time-intensive and expensive route of custom coding your integrations. But there is a faster, more flexible, and cost-effective alternative in the form of Dell Boomi Azure integration.

As both a Boomi Advanced Implementation Partner and a Microsoft Partner providing services for Azure, we are uniquely placed to guide your Azure integration with Boomi.

Here are the five most compelling benefits our customers have seen from their Boomi-Azure integration projects.

1. Cut integration cost and time

Boomi is a low-code, cloud-based integration platform that mitigates the cost and developer time of traditional middleware and custom coding. Our customers tell us that Boomi integrations are two to five times faster than custom coding or legacy middleware. And because Boomi is cloud-native, your team spends absolutely no time on upgrades, patches, hotfixes, regression testing, horizontal scaling, and so on.

2. Simplify usage with a cloud platform

Being a pure cloud iPaaS, Boomi has no hardware to install or maintain. All upgrades are automatic, meaning you get the latest features and fixes as soon as they’re released.

By leaving all the maintenance to Boomi, the only costs you need consider are predictable and usage-based. If you need to scale up, Boomi has the capacity. Or if your needs were less than expected, you’ll pay only for that. And Boomi’s single-instance, multi-tenant architecture is accessible from any browser—no special equipment required.

3. Use Azure connectors for a quick start

Boomi’s pre-made application connectors enable you to connect Azure to over 1,500 unique endpoints. Boomi platform includes connectors for Azure services including:

  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Azure Service Bus
  • MS Dynamics AX
  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • MS Dynamics GP
  • MS SQL Server BCP
  • Dynamics 365 (GP and CRM)

Using Boomi connectors, you can quickly integrate your enterprise applications with Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

4. Increase productivity with intuitive tools

The simple Boomi drag-and-drop interface allows you to integrate Azure services to any number of cloud and on-premises systems without the complexity of code. It takes weeks, not months, to train a developer to build Boomi integrations. That makes your integration team more agile and resilient—if a developer leaves, it isn’t the end of the world.

5. Find the best strategy for your business

For all these reasons, Dell Boomi Azure integration is the best way to achieve fast returns on your Microsoft investment. The flexibility of these two platforms together—Azure and Boomi—offers rewards for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

To get the most out of both, it is advised to seek a consultancy that specialises in the Boomi-Azure crossover. As the UK’s leading Boomi Advanced Implementation Partner and an experienced Microsoft Partner for Azure, Influential Software is the IT consultancy of choice for this particular niche.

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