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Top 4 ways to optimise your consumer experience with customer data integration

In an age of abundant customer data, it’s essential that businesses can manage and utilise this data to their advantage. Strategic use of ETL solutions helps collect data from potentially hundreds of sources and reformat it into actionable reports. This brings tangible benefits in the form of speed, savings, with strong customer data integration.

Here’s how you can use ETL to improve your consumer experiences with customer data integration:

1. Improve CRM marketing strategy

CRM marketing is the tactics, and tech marketers use to manage their customer relationships throughout the lifecycle. With our ETL data integration services, you can bring your customer data together to drive more targeted CRM marketing. Using ETL, we can collect customer data from different locations and servers to help you make more informed marketing decisions. 

This data can include everything from keyword searches to shopping cart abandonment and how long users spent interacting with your site. So instead of wasting your budget on generic ads, you can create bespoke retargeting advertisements which will help bring your customers back.

2. Boost sales figures

You can automatically create complete profiles of your customers’ behaviour and buying habits with an ETL tool. Having access to automated customer profiles will improve your decision-making in everything from ordering stock to closing sales.

3. Improve customer service

Effective use of ETL will help you improve your customer service quality and speed. With an ETL tool, you can create a centralised access point for your customer service team to locate answers to customer enquiries. Time spent dealing with customers is reduced, and you can also use customer data to train staff to handle issues quicker.

4. Maintain your customer base

With our ETL services, you can track customer trends and use that data to maintain a loyal customer base. Access to this data will help provide a basis for positive customer relationships.

If you still aren’t sure if ETL can help you get more value from customer data, why not look at our case studies?


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