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We’re feeling the Revolut Business benefits. Is it time you did too?

At Influential Software, we work in a fast-moving digital marketplace with customers around the world. Our finance team has to be agile, which is why we’ve chosen Revolut and its innovative digital banking technology. And now that we’re feeling the Revolut Business benefits, we want to share them with our clients and partners as well.

Want to know more about the Revolut Business benefits? We’ve collected our five favourites below.

1. International payments without the fees

This is one of the major Revolut Business benefits for our Apple Authorised Training Partner (AATP) division, which trains Apple technicians globally. As a division that therefore takes payments from businesses and individuals worldwide, we saw the advantage of Revolut’s no-fee transfers immediately.

Revolut Business allows us to hold, receive, and exchange over 28 currencies using the live interbank exchange rate. With our account we can make free international and local payments, plus instant transfers to other Revolut Business accounts. And the ability to have multiple business accounts makes financial organisation that much easier.

2. Banking and accounting integration

Our second favourite of the Revolut Business benefits is the account’s built-in integration capabilities. This has eliminated error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry, giving our team more time to focus on the future.

Revolut Business syncs our account transactions with some of our key operational and integration platforms, including QuickBooks Online, Jira Cloud, Zapier, and Slack. We can then get notifications in real time, which makes for a more accurate picture and drives more impactful decisions. If we have regular local or international payments to make, we can also automate them via Revolut’s Open API.

“At Revolut Business, we have seen first-hand how the product suites our business accounts offer have helped streamline Influential’s operation in the past few months (saving on FX through better spreads and saving time and money with company cards). Influential have decided to implement Revolut Business as part of their wider efforts around operational efficiency improvements.

“And, on the back of that, we are delighted that Influential is now spreading that same message to its 250-strong client base, many of whom are well aligned to Revolut’s target client profile.”

—Stefan Vukcevic, Head of Partnerships, Revolut Business

3. Expenses optimisation and tracking

Similar to the no-fee international transfers, we can also spend in over 150 currencies at the interbank exchange rate. As well as the money saved, this also saves our finance team from spending any time on complex international arrangements.

Revolut’s real-time tracking extends to company cards, so we can see who has spent what instantly. And inputting receipts is all done quickly through the app.

4. Secure and fully supported account

Naturally, none of these Revolut Business benefits mean anything without security. We were attracted by the fact that Revolut is an FCA-authorised provider with a tier-1 partner bank safeguarding all account funds. And with 24/7 priority support, we can get any issues solved before they disrupt our operations.

Revolut has also given us better financial control within our business. It’s easy to set permissions for our business account, for example, to limit how our teams and employees can spend.

5. Saving money with Revolut Business perks

The final of the Revolut Business benefits we’ve seen is the variety of discounts and perks on offer. The advantage of Revolut Business perks is that they’re services we would have used anyway. We get major savings on hardware, finance, marketing, travel, operations, and legal services from trusted providers.

How to switch to Revolut Business

After all that, we hope you’re as convinced by the Revolut Business benefits as we were. Thankfully switching to Revolut Business is a quick and simple process.

First you need to fill in a short online application form. This covers your personal details, business information, and proof of identity. Applications are typically approved in just a few hours.

As for moving to Revolut from your old bank, it’s as simple as transferring money into your new account.

Fast-track your Revolut application

If you wish, you can get your application approved faster with our referral link. On top of the Revolut benefits above, you’ll get special attention from the Revolut account manager we know and trust.