Harnessing Boomi for Financial Services Integration

Harnessing Boomi for Financial Services Integration - Influential Software Blog

In financial services, the one thing that doesn’t change is change itself. Business players are forced to deal with challenges posed by agile fintech start-ups, fast M&A transitions, shifting compliance laws, and demanding customer expectations. And as growing numbers of businesses are discovering, Dell Boomi for financial services can hold the key to this turbulent landscape.

Market-Leading Platform

The argument is simple: if data is the new oil, then integration is the pipeline. Boomi provides the platform for fast, unified, agile, and trusted data across all environments.

Fast: Use low-code, drag-and-drop tools to accelerate complex integrations.

Unified: Develop and manage integrations, APIs, workflows, applications, EDI, blockchain, and master data management in a single platform.

Agile: Receive the latest innovations with a continuously updated, cloud-native iPaaS.

Trusted: Support governance, risk, and compliance initiatives with clean, reliable data.

With these capabilities, Boomi is a transformative platform for all financial services players, from established institutions to start-ups, commercial banks to brokerage services, mortgage lenders to insurance companies, and more.

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Boomi for Financial Services: Use Cases

But beyond the end benefits, how do financial services organisations use Boomi in practice?

The examples below are just a few of the use cases employed by our customers.

• Third-Party Integration

Customer-centric flexibility is key to increasing share of wallet. Boomi allows our clients to securely integrate data with best-of-breed apps from third-party developers. That allows them to deliver the omni-channel experiences that customers demand.

• Shared Digital Services

Creating a shared digital services offering allows banks to form a strong consortium for tenders and reduce their operational costs. Boomi enables our clients to take data from back-end banking systems and produce a standard SQL warehouse that underlines those shared digital services.

• Central Data Management

When working with vast volumes of data, efficiency is paramount. Boomi’s low-code design empowers our clients to update, configure, and maintain their data warehouse and CRM system within a single interface, with no need for external IT.

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