A graphic of roi showing how intranets training provides a return on investment

Our top 4 benefits of intranet training

As of April 2020, around 46 percent of the UK workforce were working at least partly from home. And as we’ve written before, an intranet is the ideal way to boost remote working productivity. So whether you’re adopting an intranet or trying to solve intranet issues, now is the perfect time for intranet training. In this article we’re going to show how the benefits of staff intranet training will help your business succeed.

Boosting adoption with staff intranet training

One of the key benefits of staff intranet training is making users more confident at navigating your intranet. This ensures adoption and engagement are not only for launch, but for life.

Admins who receive staff intranet training will ensure the intranet is user-friendly and consistently up-to-date. And when users understand all the features your intranet has to offer, greater adoption will follow. In this way, intranet training enables your intranet to become the central hub for company operations.

Increasing efficiency and ROI

Essentially, there are two ways to boost the value of your intranet. One is by spending less on the technology and maintenance. The other is by training your staff to use the intranet more effectively. In this way, staff intranet training will boost efficiency and your intranet ROI.

For example, when your staff are properly trained in document organisation, new staff will be able to find the documents they need quickly. Instead of wasting time during onboarding, staff intranet training helps everyone get on board and start collaborating effectively.

Improving staff retention

Besides the business benefits, there are also benefits of staff intranet training for employees. If employees feel comfortable working independently and can communicate efficiently, then they’re more likely to feel engaged with the company.

On top of this, intranet training means employees can collaborate better on projects, which boosts team morale. Furthermore, if you train employees they feel more valued and are therefore less likely to leave.

And as the company culture comes to life on your intranet, it’s easier for employees to understand the bigger picture. Overall, employees with strong intranet skills are happier, more productive, and more loyal.

Influential intranet training

Influential provides staff intranet training as part of our tailored intranet solutions. Our consultants will work with you to understand the best training for you. Whatever skills you need, we’ll provide bespoke training to suit your team’s requirements.

Trust the intranet pros

If you want to boost your intranet’s ROI, look no further. We’ve been designing and delivering high-value intranets for 30 years.