A graphic showing our new influential software clients in Q2 2021

Our new Influential Software clients in Q2 2021

Businesses are changing the way they work for the better and transforming their businesses digitally. We’ve been honoured to implement solutions for several new Influential Software clients in Q2 2021. Whether they needed help saving time, money, or streamlining processes, we were happy to help.

But first, here are some of our other wins from Q2:

New London office!

In June, our Operations team upgraded to a beautiful new office in the heart of London, overlooking the River Thames / Tower Bridge. The new Co-working space will allow everyone in the expanding team to collaborate as efficiently as possible.

Explore our new London office.

Educating our readers on Microsoft CSP

After being awarded the Microsoft Gold Partner status, we’ve been educating our new and existing clients on the customer benefits of working with a Microsoft CSP. The status was created with the customer in mind, and before committing, we want them to understand the benefits both sides and reap from the partnership.

Cultivating a progressive company culture

We’re always looking for ways to take care of our team and make their 9-5 as positive as possible. Our work has ranged from implementing YuLife’s rewards-based life insurance to opening conversations about mental health in the tech industry. As a company, we’re always looking out for the team’s welfare and opening up conversations to change the way the industry works.

Expanded our Power BI offering

After receiving our Microsoft Gold Partner status last quarter, we decided it was time to refurbish our Power BI website. We’re BI experts and partners to the world’s leading BI solutions providers. As such, we’re not tied down to providing any single solution — our agnostic consultants have put together several side-by-side comparisons, so you can work out if Power BI is the right step for your business.

Sharing our successes

We helped manufacturer Tullis Russell get up-to-date business insights with Power BI-Azure integration. 

Our second quarter training NNN

We recently published our new training clients in Q2 2021. As businesses tackled remote working and digital transformation, we welcomed the chance to train their team and get to grips with the latest tech in Microsoft and Apple training.

Our new Influential Software clients in Q2 2021 include

  • Spark44
  • Voice Talent Online
  • Bluescope Steel
  • ISS Produce
Spark 44 Logo

New client: Spark44

Sector: Marketing
Website: Spark44.com

Content creation and distribution agency Spark44 prides itself on the diverse range of voices and skill sets it processes. The company provides end-to-end creativity and efficiency on a global scale. We were honoured to support their efforts to stay connected.

Voice Talent Online logo

New client: Voice Talent Online

Sector: Entertainment

Voice Talent Online is a global voice casting, recording, and production company with an ever-growing list of well-known clients. They’ve recently worked with the BBC, Greenpeace, Microsoft and Amazon, as we help the team streamline their workflow.

Bluescope Steel logo

New client: BlueScope

Sector: Manufacturing

BlueScope steel is an Australian based provider of innovative steel materials, products, systems, and technologies. We welcomed the opportunity to help one of the world’s leading manufacturers of painted steel products with our Powerhouse solutions.

ISS Produce logo

New client: ISS Produce

Sector: Food
Website: https://issproduce.co.uk/

ISS Produce is an independent service provider, offering a complete range of services to streamline the supply chain. We were honoured to implement a portal solution to support their business processes.

What’s next for Influential Software in Q3?

We look forward to welcoming a wide variety of clients next quarter, whilst educating new existing clients on the benefits of working with us. We’re also always looking for ways to maintain our positive and progressive company. 

Trust the professionals

Over the past 25 years, we’ve helped countless clients transform their business and business processes. If you’re looking for help staying ahead of the competition, get in touch to learn how we can help.