Influential Software Q4 2020 ends the year on a high

As businesses continue to adapt to the new normal, Influential Software has helped new clients in Q4 make changes to digitise their business strategy. These difficult times have shown us that businesses are striving to succeed through technology, and know we’re qualified to help. So without further ado, let’s review the highlights of Influential Software Q4 2020.

Strengthening our Salesforce division

Over the past quarter, we’ve continued to cultivate growth in our business — including acquiring clients for our Salesforce partner practice. We’ve gained several new Salesforce consultancy certifications this past quarter, further strengthening our ability to deliver across the Salesforce suite.

Tailored digital integration expertise

This year our marketing department has continued to highlight our client success stories. As well as promoting our expertise, these case studies also help our customers make the right IT decisions. Our digital integration campaign proved that no matter the size or complexity of your integration challenges, we can help connect your business. In this quarter our integration experts have helped:

maximise workplace productivity

improve customer satisfaction

future-proof business technologies

liberate on-premises data

Competitive web portal solutions

Our digital web portal campaign documented our solutions in banking, retail, publishing, education, and government. Our competitive web portal solutions have helped clients:

accelerate processes with automation

fast-track staff onboarding

boost technology scalability

digitise paper-based tasks

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of our web portal solutions, take a look at our recent case studies:

Our new clients in Q4 2020 include

  • OpenBlend
  • Payaro (Retail Merchants Limited)
  • London Array Limited
  • Tuffnells

New client: OpenBlend

Sector: Software

OpenBlend is a piece of productivity software designed to boost employee productivity. The software supports a remote hybrid workforce, which is even more critical in today’s work landscape.

OpenBlend was looking for a partner to help keep its productivity software secure. Thanks to our experience with business intelligence, we were the perfect fit.

New client: Retail Merchants Limited

Sector: Finance

Retail Merchants Limited is a payment processing company with over a decade of experience. The company needed someone to help set up Salesforce so it could get the right benefits for the business the first time around.

A previous Salesforce client recommended Influential based on our ability to deliver effective Salesforce consultancy, development, and support.

New client: London Array Limited

Sector: Energy

London Array Limited is one of the world’s leading wind farms. The company is at the forefront of innovative and sustainable energy, and its work has attracted global attention. We were glad to work with this client in providing high-quality intranet solutions.

New client: Tuffnells

Sector: Freight

Tuffnells is an independently owned delivery company that’s been around for over 100 years. After introducing a range of products to improve customer experiences, the company needed to take the next step in its digital journey. We welcomed the chance to help this client stay ahead of the latest technology with our software development services.

What’s next for Influential Software?

After an unexpected 2020, we were pleased to see a diverse range of clients join us in Q4. But like many, we welcome the chance to see what positive developments 2021 will bring us.

Start 2021 with a bang

Is your business technology ready for 2021? We provide the analysis, strategy, and technology to help you outpace the competition. Message our team to learn more.