New Metalogix Website Launched

Posted on Thursday 30th August 2018 10:46

Metalogix website launched - news

With our finger always on the pulse of digital transformation, Influential Software is using the new Metalogix website to promote our latest partnership.

Our clients can now benefit from our expertise in the ultimate set of solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and Exchange.

Influential Software’s consulting services for Metalogix guarantee a targeted solution, at the lowest cost, with the maximum return. This partnership means you can move, manage, and protect your valuable content more effectively than ever before.

Our consultants and technical experts are on hand to assess and implement the full range of Metalogix solutions, including:

Migration Made Simple

  • The Content Matrix tool provides for one-hop migrations and consolidations.
  • Essentials for Office 365 simplifies migrations from SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, personal drives, and file shares.

Archiving and Storage Management

  • Archive Manager Files Edition automates archiving, management, and security capabilities, freeing your workforce from time-consuming tasks.
  • Archive Manager Exchange Edition has won countless People’s Choice Awards for its effective search capabilities and automatic management.

Administration and Security

  • Metalogix ControlPoint provides automation and control of permissions management, user activity, and sensitive content.
  • Metalogix Diagnostic Manager streamlines tasks such as troubleshooting server performance, SQL optimisation, network connectivity, and browser settings.

Backup and Restore

  • Metalogix SharePoint Backup promises as much as a 50-percent reduction in project times.
  • Metalogix RestorePoint accelerates your restore of corrupted, old, lost, or overwritten content.
  • Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager negates the false positive rates of other DLP systems by being specially designed for SharePoint.

Planning, Protection, and Growth

  • Metalogix Expert is a SharePoint analysis tool that gives the insights you need to plan migration, optimise storage, and protect against security risks.

Cloud Content Management

  • connects your collaborative software so that all teams can speak to each other.

SharePoint Sync

  • Metalogix Replicator synchronises SharePoint content internationally, allowing team-based collaboration even across limited bandwidths.

RBS and Storage Optimisation

  • Metalogix StoragePoint is a Remote Blob Storage (RBS) solution that delivers cost-effective storage while maintaining performance.

Bespoke Metalogix Solutions

The range of solutions above – used individually or in combination – offer a wide degree of flexibility for all use cases. Our Metalogix partnership gives us the tools to identify and optimise these solutions to maximum effect.

Eager to learn more about our Metalogix services? Feel free to visit our dedicated site.

How Outsourcing IT Can Help Your Business

Posted on Thursday 8th September 2016 10:30

Whether SME or FTSE-100, it’s never too late to start outsourcing IT – but where to start? In this article we take a look at what areas of IT & technical support you can outsource and the benefits of doing so.

IT Support

Your Business Needs IT Support. What Next?

You own a business, you’ve done your research and are well aware of the importance of IT support. So what next?

If your large company already has IT staff then you may decide that’s enough. If you’re an SME or startup that can’t afford to hire IT personnel then you may decide to manage without.

In both scenarios, you’re forgetting the potentially much better option: outsourcing IT support.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support?

There’s lots of discussion about the topic of outsourcing IT. Different businesses prioritise different reasons and benefits of doing so. Here are some of our top ones:

  •  Access to Latest Tech/ Expertise – the most up-to-date technologies & specialists
  • IT Cost Savings – no need to pay for extra tech, training or staff
  • Improved Business Focus – internal teams are not distracted with IT support tasks
  • Flexibility – IT Support when and how you need it, adapting to any changing requirements
Enterprise support isn’t just for Star Trek.

Enterprise Support

Learn why you need IT Support Services, and the risks of assuming you don’t

What Can I Outsource?

So you’ve decided to outsource IT and technical support, but where do you begin? What parts of your business can even be outsourced? Here are some suggestions you might start with:

Software Support

Modern software is complex; if it goes wrong the fix can be tricky to figure out. Outsourced specialists trained in the latest tech can help with break-fixes, system configurations and troubleshooting, whether a bespoke application or licensed tool or platform.

Hardware Support

From troubleshooting and diagnosing hardware faults to installing new network printers, you need reliable technical support at hand – even if not 100% of the time.

Infrastructure Support

System efficiency is vital to success, so you’ll want help on hand to ensure your IT infrastructure is on point and well cared for. This includes broadband and network connections, servers and even the cloud.

Backups & Recovery

Did you remember to hit save… on your whole system? IT support providers can conduct regular backups for you and assist in recovering your systems in an emergency.

Security & Penetration Testing

SMEs are frequent targets for cyber attack. Enhance your system security with ad-hoc penetration testing & secure server setups by trained experts.

Data Management

Are you producing more data than you know what to do with? Hand your data integration and database management to specialists who know exactly how to process and look after it.

System Maintenance

Better than a break-fix is preventing the break in the first place. Regular system maintenance by technicians trained in the latest tech ensures a smooth running business, avoiding disruption and downtime.

System Development

Your competitors don’t just stand still and neither do you; you want things to run faster, better, stronger, smoother. Dedicated development teams work to optimise and enhance your business systems, allowing you to focus on the business itself.

When in Doubt – Ask Experts

If you’re still unsure of what to do you can simply ask for help – yes, even this can be outsourced.

Experienced specialists like Influential can assess your business and offer advice about where to relieve pressure and strain on internal staff. You could even gain new avenues of business that limited resources had previously made inaccessible.

The first step is to ask. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can relax knowing that IT is taken care of, so you can focus on your work.

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For 25 years Influential Software Services has delivered quality business software & data solutions from within the UK. If you would like to talk to us about a business intelligence solution, software solution or any IT project you need to deliver successfully, please contact us.


IT Support Services – Why Kirk needs Scotty

Posted on Friday 2nd September 2016 12:30

With Captain Kirk and his crew as our guides, we explore some of the benefits of IT support services for your business, as well as the risks and consequences of not having things in place.

Enterprise Support

“Bridge to Engine Room – Warp Factor 9!”

Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise calls to the engine room for warp speed – but why? This is the future; does Kirk even need Scotty when he could just flip a switch right there from the bridge?

Starting or running a business can feel a lot like commanding a ship, setting forth on an adventure into the unknown. To boldly go…you get the idea.

IT and support are the engineers of your business ship.

With the mission of reaching customers and delivering services (or exploring strange new worlds) at the forefront of your attention, investing in support services is often a low priority. You implement a digital system for your business, set it running and assume it will continue to do so while you focus on your customers and services.

This would be like the Enterprise without Scotty. However, Captain Kirk would never set forth without his engineer on board.

For the Enterprise the engineers have to be literally ‘on board’ because, well… they’re in space and call-outs are tricky. While many businesses have internal IT staff too, there are some key advantages to outsourcing your IT support:

  • No single point of failure should your IT people leave
  • Up to date expertise from specialist support teams
  • Reduced IT costs with bespoke support agreements and SLAs
  • Increased internal focus; freed up internal teams to focus on the core business

However, advantages of outsourcing aside, the initial question remains: why do you need support at all? Why does the Enterprise need Scotty?

Why Do You Need Support Services?

1. Because you need someone on board who knows how the system works

“I know this ship like the back of my hand.”

You need an expert. You need someone there to answer the technical questions, to monitor systems, to investigate errors and help users understand how to get the results they need from the system.

It’s quick and simple to get a support agreement in place. Support is usually offered with bespoke development or a product licence, and you can approach providers about project rescue for your legacy systems.


Influential are SAP Gold and IBM Advanced Business Partners, providing licences, development & support Talk to experts for end-to-end BI service


2. Because the engine room needs maintenance to keep running

“I cannae change the laws of physics!”

Like it or not, technology around us changes constantly and your systems need to keep up. Updates to integrated platforms or APIs can affect your system’s functionality or compliance, disrupting services and compromising efficiency or revenue.

With established maintenance agreements in place you can rest assured that when issues arise they will be handled quickly and cost-effectively.

3. Because the ship will run faster and smoother with proactive improvements

“I’m giving it all she’s got captain!”

Modern digital solutions are often designed to be scalable and future-proofed, but they still require attention to maximise business potential. Your competitors will constantly work to make systems better, faster and more secure – why shouldn’t you do the same?

Support is about more than just reacting to issues – it’s also about proactively pursuing improvements to prevent issues occurring. With managed IT services you can outsource specialists to test and development systems, look after your data, boost efficiency and enhance security.

4. Because from time to time, things break

“The engines cannae take it captain!”

Without the teams in the engine room, the Enterprise could be left stranded.

It does happen – sometimes systems break, fail or stop working. This could be a minor disruption that only affects isolated functions, or a major one that brings your whole system crashing down.

It’s always a good idea to prepare for an emergency scenario. SLAs that outline strategies for different priority ‘break-fixes’ will save time, money and stress should the worst happen. System backups and disaster recovery services can minimise downtime in the event of system outages, restoring functionality as quickly and painlessly as possible.

“Set Phasers to Stun”

Support isn’t just about making systems work. It’s about supporting the systems while they work; supporting your enterprise, the way Scotty supports the starship Enterprise.

For many businesses support is low priority as it doesn’t produce revenue. You might even think that ignoring it will save you money. However, the consequences in the long run could be huge, not just to your bottom line but to your brand and customer retention.

With the right support teams on board, you can stun your customers and partners with a smooth running business ship.

So the next question is: where do I begin?

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For 25 years Influential Software Services has delivered quality business software & data solutions from within the UK. If you would like to talk to us about a business intelligence solution, software solution or any IT project you need to deliver successfully, please contact us.