SAP integration solutions

Extract more value
from SAP software

As a long-time SAP Partner and experienced systems integrator, we're experts at connecting SAP to all kinds of business software. Our SAP integration solutions are tailored to help you:

  • squeeze more revenue from your SAP software
  • launch new business models with SAP at the heart
  • beat the technical challenges of SAP integration

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Expert SAP system integrators

We simplify SAP integration

SAP integration doesn’t have to be complex or costly. With our decades-long SAP partnership and a highly experienced integration team, we deliver streamlined and cost-effective SAP integration solutions. By choosing us, you will benefit from specialist SAP system integrators who provide:

Maximised productivity

Make life easier for your sales, HR, service, and marketing teams with real-time SAP data integration.

Modernised systems

Get added value from your on-premise SAP systems by connecting them to any kind of cloud software.

Connected business

Easily enrich non-SAP software from Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, and more with SAP data.

Future-proofed systems

Integrate SAP into a modular IT architecture that’s easy to expand and reconfigure into the future.

Accelerated integration

Use standard SAP connectors and SAP integration templates to kick-start your development.

Phased migration

Use APIs to run old and new SAP systems in parallel, so you can migrate at the speed of your business.

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Effective SAP integration solutions

Smart SAP connectivity

SAP is often the heart of business IT — which is why SAP third-party integration is so important. Our SAP integration solutions provide transformative improvements in sales, customer service, business partnerships, onboarding, and more. Below are some real-life examples of what we achieve.

SAP CRM integration

Improve sales productivity

Because of the many types of data involved — inventory, pricing, quoting, and orders — the order-to-cash (O2C) process is ripe for automation. And for many businesses this automation requires SAP third-party integration, frequently with Salesforce. Our SAP CRM integration solutions help you:

  • empower sales with SAP data through their CRM
  • ensure accurate customer data across the business
  • increase sales productivity and job satisfaction
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SAP ERP integration

Increase customer retention rates

To satisfy today’s digital customers, service agents need a unified view of their customers plus the ability to transact. Achieving this requires SAP ERP integration with software such as Salesforce Service Cloud. Our SAP integration solutions for customer service provide:

  • greater efficiency from customer service operations
  • seamless customer experiences that improve retention
  • increased revenue by empowering service agents to upsell

SAP data integration

Cut development
time and cost

As the number of business applications continues to grow, so does the need for cost-effective integration. That’s why flexibility and reusability are the cornerstones of our SAP integration solutions. Our approach of modular microservices and APIs means each SAP third-party integration can be easily replicated and modified as needed.

  • adopt the latest technology without integration concerns
  • reconfigure your integrations easily as technology evolves
  • cut the cost of integrating new data and applications
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SAP third-party integration

Connect SAP to anything

Without in-depth knowledge, SAP’s own integration methods are tricky to connect to non-SAP software. As experienced SAP system integrators, we are experts in the key SAP integration formats:

  • Intermediate Documents (IDocs)
  • Business application programming interface (BAPI)
  • SAP Java Connector (JCo)
  • Open Data Protocol (OData)
  • Advanced business application programming (ABAP)
  • Remote Function Call (RFC)

Looking for something else? This isn’t an exhaustive list of the technologies we integrate.

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Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Database

API integration


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Legacy and custom applications

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Mobile apps

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IBM analytics

SAP iPaaS integration

Integrate SAP in the cloud

An integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is often the most cost-effective and future-proof vehicle for SAP third-party integration. We bring our impartial expertise to the leading iPaaS vendors, ensuring you the best value for money.

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Azure Integration Services

Azure iPaaS is a powerful, scalable, and cost-effective platform for SAP integration solutions. It provides the flexibility to connect on-premise and cloud-based SAP software to any data or applications, with custom business logic.

See Azure SAP features

Azure’s SAP connectors work with the SAP IDoc, BAPI, and RFC integration methods. Use low-code Azure Logic Apps to perform the following SAP integrations:

  • Send to SAP: Either IDoc, BAPI, or RFC, with a payload in XML format. 
  • Receive from SAP: A webhook-based operation that’s triggered when the gateway receives an SAP IDOC or BAPI function call.
  • Generate Schemas: Enables data mapping of the SAP interface, so you can create an IDoc, RFC, or BAPI message structure for your SAP system.
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Dell Boomi Platform

A recognised leader in Gartner’s Enterprise iPaaS Magic Quadrant for six years running, Boomi is one of the most popular iPaaS. Boomi reduces the time, cost, and complexity of SAP third-party integration via the Boomi SAP Connector.

See Boomi SAP features

The Boomi SAP Connector connects to SAP NetWeaver via BAPIs, Remote-enabled Function Modules (RFMs), and IDocs. This enables three types of action:

  • GET: for BAPI/Remote Function Module (RFC type communication)
  • SEND: for Inbound IDoc processing
  • LISTEN: for Outbound IDoc processing or receiving IDocs
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MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform features pre-built SAP connectors and templates for popular software such as Salesforce, Workday, and Amazon. MuleSoft also makes it easier to build custom APIs and integrations for SAP.

See MuleSoft SAP features

MuleSoft’s SAP Connector enables you to:

    • Execute BAPI functions over the RFC protocol, supporting the following types:
      •    Synchronous RFC (sRFC)
      •    Transactional RFC (tRFC)
      •    Queued RFC (qRFC)
    • Act as a JCo Server to be called as a BAPI over sRFC, tRFC and qRFC
    • Send IDocs over tRFC and qRFC
    • Receive IDocs over tRFC and qRFC
    • Transform SAP objects (JCo Function/BAPI & IDocs) to and from XML

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Real-life SAP integration solutions

SAP integration projects

International banks, global manufacturers, major publishers, and public sector organisations all benefit from our SAP third-party integration expertise. See the latest SAP integration solutions we’ve achieved below.

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Frequently asked questions

Answers from SAP system integrators

These are some of the questions we most often encounter as SAP system integrators. If you have another query, or simply want to know more about our SAP integration services, please get in touch.

What are the challenges of SAP integration?

One of the benefits of SAP software is its high level of customisation. But when it comes to SAP third-party integration, this customisation can add great complexity. This in turn drives up the cost and time needed to provide the SAP integration solutions required. And as companies take on more software or undergo mergers and acquisitions, these challenges grow.

On top of this, SAP uses a variety of proprietary integration methods such as IDocs and BAPIs. This creates a need for large teams of developers with specialised skills, whose time is accordingly expensive. And because SAP systems are often business-critical, businesses can’t afford to postpone their SAP integration projects.

The answer to these challenges is a specialist SAP system integrator with expertise in the latest iPaaS integration tools. For an example of our approach, take a look at how we achieved SAP ERP integration for a global manufacturer.

Can I connect on-premises SAP systems to the cloud?

Yes. Each of the leading iPaaS — Azure, Boomi, and MuleSoft — supports integration between on-premises SAP systems and cloud applications. The exact method depends on the iPaaS and the SAP system to be connected.

For a guide on one way to achieve on-premise SAP integration, see our article “Achieving SAP HANA integration with Azure via an ASP.NET Core API”.

How can I choose the right SAP system integrator?

A good SAP system integrator should have two core features:

  1. in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of SAP software
  2. proven integration experience across platforms and technologies

As an SAP Partner with 30 years’ integration experience, Influential is especially equipped for the niche of SAP integration solutions.

To find out more about the pros and cons of system integrators, see our article “How to select a systems integrator for greatest value”.